Friday, January 23, 2009

Stryofoam Project - DONE! New Years Resolution was to do challenges for Somerset Studio. The first challenge is to CREATE something from Stryofoam. In the past I have used Styrofoarm as an armature along with paper, wire, dowel rods and Celluclay. This time I racked my brain for one great idea and I am still not sure this was the right one.

The back story is: when the FRINGE festival was here in Indianapolis this summer. Ed and I housed a couple of performers who were from Austraila. Rani, wore a little bright RED hat and was cute as a button. Inspired by this I had planned to make a series of HATS out of cardboard and fabric. When this challenge arose I decided to make one from Styrofoam. NOTE: The hat looks way better on a real sized head with hair (my Mom wore it for a breif moment).

So, here goes. I bought a block of foam and a foam circle and carved it to the size and shape I wanted it. Papered it with gel medium, painted it 2 different colors of red and stained it with black. Dotted in with off white paint and then used brown stain on top of that. I have to say it is not a material I want to or like to use. So this a was a challenge. I also feel like I over embellished it. OW.

I adorned it with vintage ribbons, black netting, red glitter wire and a pretty bird. I hope I don't miss the deadline but it is boxed and ready to go. Again, we will see.


Hens Teeth said...

The hat is lovely J, so pretty and such good fun. Good luck.

Lori McDonough said...

Cool! You're going to have to keep us posted on your entry!!!!