Thursday, December 14, 2006


I am thrilled with ETSY! I have been so impressed with everything. For one thing I feel like yes alot of people do visit. But the serious buyer is there as well and hopefully will find me. Already I have sold 2 small pieces and I an happy. I just hope it will continue. The difference with Etsy compared to ebay is that is is affordable for the seller. I feel like all I do on eBay is pay my fees. I will continue to sell on both sites.

I will work towards adding more items when I can. With the holidays I am finding it hard to get in my studio.

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Saturday, December 2, 2006

Mark called from IRAQ

My nephew is 21 and in the Marines and is stationed in Iraq. He called me this morning and it was so good to hear from him. He sounds the same and says he is doing great. I am all about supporting these young men and women who are over there. But I am not in favor of this war. I pray things end soon and everyone can come home.


I am really starting to second guess eBay. I have had a lot of luck selling leftovers from my store when I closed it but now....Where are all the art buyers shopping online now? I just had a ton of stuff end and only sold 2 small items. I am not real sure about etsy. I have tried to find stuff on there and it moves slow and I worry that people don't buy much on there. Need to find more avenues.

Friday, December 1, 2006

Friday can you believe it is DECEMBER!

Here is one of the kinetic shadowboxes that I still have for sale on my eBay store. I made a series of 8 and I have 4 left. This one is "Bertie scored big at BINGO". I have added red rick rack to her edges with a lightweight plastic for protection. The clockwork moves with old bingo chips on the hands. I love working with these old images and papers. Today I made a couple of patterns for some dolls. I took a class at Shakerag this summer with Akira Blount and now that my open house is over I am ready for a new project.