Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day two in OHIO part two

So, I asked Ed to have dinner with me. (the gamers love to game it is hard to pull them away) We decided to go to the German Village which is gorgeous. It was hard hit during the World Wars and went into ruin and in the 60's and 70's was on it's way back. The houses are mostly brick Victorian style with brick sidewalks and streets. Tomorrow is their home and graden tour. Anyway, we decided to go to Schmidts a German Resturant that has been there since 1886. It was great! They had a wonderful buffet and live music. Our Anniversary is today. Ed went to the accordian player and told him about our anniversary and he came to our table and was so cute. Said the Germans didnt do love songs so he played Italian ones for us.

While you wait you go here!

Funny the barrel says Paulaner Ed's favorite beer. I guess they assume all Germans are short and FAT! I had to bend in half to get my face in there. Aren't we just so cute.

Yes! A huge CREAM puff. Being attacked by ED.

This store was amazing. Collier. If I had money I would of spent some in this store. I would of bought one of those big lit "A"s. A couple of pillows, some jars, plates, prints.....

Another cool mural in the Short North area....down this street are 3 artist studios.

Day two in OHIO part one

Columbus has an area called Short North Arts District. Yesterday I walked the streets. Went to a bar and grill called "Bettys". Filled with kitsch and of course a Betty Page or two. I had delicious Meat Loaf with Mashed Red Potato's and pan fried Green Beans. These murals below are from the Ladies room. Fun! They put plexiglass over all of the paintings smart thinking!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day one in OHIO

If you know anything about me you know that I am married to a big NERD and I say that with love. There is a gaming convention....let me explain. A bunch of mostly men are hunched around tables playing board games NOT Monopoly or Scrabble....stuff I live with but have never played. My mind doesn't work like that. I have tried to play games with him but, he ends up playing it for the both of us. It has been a hard year and we could use the time away. So with a special number from his sister who works at Holiday Inn (huge discount) we decided to go for it. SO, I am alone and trying to be a tourist in this great place called COLUMBUS. The huge scuplture above is in front a Mexican Resturant.
Hostess Stand in Mexican Resturant.

My friend Jeff Reutz turned me on to this very cool and yummy deli. We went we arrived yesterday and I weent back for a snack tonight. Located in the Historic German
Biggest light bulb and Moth I have ever seen. Easton Mall or as I am calling it Walt Disney in the Midwest. Bigger and better than anything in the Indianapolis area.

Italian Village. Wish Indy still had some historic ethnic areas. It seems I am anti-Indy....nope. Just jealous. This is right before Short North Arts District like a step away from the Convention Center. This area has everything an artist wants even a shabby sort of Kipp Brothers...Anybody remember when Kipp was downtown and you would climb the old wooden stairs and the floor cricked and moaned. So much to see. I am going to go from shop to shop tomorrow, if the heat doesnt get ot me first. More tomorrow.

Monday, June 22, 2009

"Summer + Events = too busy for blogging"

"My dentist recommends to brush only the ones you want to keep!"

Mixed Media Collage * SOLD

I can't believe how I have neglected my blog. I have really been so busy that this is the first chance I have had to even download pictures and crop etc. (PLEASE DO NOT COPY THE FOLLOW WORKS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.) The photos are in order newest to oldest. So....what has happen since I posted last. My friend and hair stylist Brian and his friend Michael have opened their own Salon. Be Salon on Ft. Wayne Ave. downtown Indy. He has generously offered for me to sell my work there. All or any of it. I made 10 pieces of art salon style for his opening. They are selling my work better than I can. Yea$h....! Then the next day I did the Monon and 54th Street Art Fair and it is very well run and just a great little show. I didn't get rich that day but got a good start to my tan. The next weekend I did a long show at the Harrison Center "Indieana Handicraft Exchange" from 11am to 10pm on Saturday. Tons of people. Let's see the upside a lot of my friends stopped by. I don't think I have ever seen so many tattoos in my life. Looooooong day. Then the next day I did my first Irvington Farmers Market. Nice. Live music and only 3 hours long. That was on Sunday on Monday my Mom and I started organizing our 3 day annual Garage Sale. Sadly it was the most financially successful event this year. From being at Be Salon I got a commission for a dental office.

"If you got em' floss em" -Bill & Jim Molar inventors of dental floss.

Mixed Media Collage (SOLD)

My booth at Irvington Farmers Market. I will be there once a month on the second Sunday through October.

The Farmers Market is located in Ellenberger Park. Live music in the background. Nice young girl sang with a great voice.

Sign for the show.

My booth at the Indieana Handicraft Exchange. Hard to make a 6 foot table work. I did my best!

My Mom Sue and Nor Spitznogle at the Monon Art Fair.

"The Family hoped Virgil would be a doctor, lawyer or Banker but, settled for Hair Stylist"

Mixed Media Collage $95- framed in black contemporary frame with glass.

"Marie dreaded 10 for 1 day at the salon. Especially, when the Tortillina conjoined decituplets arrive."

Mixed Media Collage * $95-

"Cora O'Brien (looks like Conan)was the first Beauty School drop out no graduation day for her."

Mixed Media Collage * available ($)

"Bed head"

Mixed Media Collage


"What happens in the salon stays in the salon"

Mixed Media Collage * SOLD

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sorry NO pictures

Just wanted to clean up my calender listing tonight. The Indieana Handicraft Exchange was today and since it is over it needed wiped off the list. A couple of other things have been cancelled. I have also retired my Midland Arts and Antique spaces. I have been there mostly on for years and have just grown tired of just making my rent and not making more each month. I gave it a good shot. So no longer at Midland....wouldn't you know I had a ton of people who were at the show today tell me they have seen my work there.....they didnt buy anything from me at Midland or at this show (smile). Off to dreamland....Yawn.