Friday, May 29, 2009

Feeling Sentimental

I am feeling kind of senitmental today. 7 years ago our local PBS station did a little segment on me and today I looked for it online. It is old work and it seems like a lifetime ago. I was real critical about it when it came out. But, now I look at it with a different view. Of course I am thinner and I have makeup on and the footage is blurry. I realized when I watched it for the first time that I only talk out of one side of my mouth like my favorite Grandmother did. LOL...I swept through Google to see if there was any evidence left of my old life, style, store etc. and everything has expired online. I have a box of slides I used for art fair applications but those are obsolete now. It is amazing how fast the time flies and how things change faster now then ever. I also think about how much art and craft I have made over the years it makes my head spin.

Once you hit this link scroll down to where it says Jenny's world.


I have to share this with my blogging peeps. My friend Candice is so very talented and she never "toots" her own horn. So I am "tooting for her". Even when she posted this link on her blog she writes I was interviewed and says nothing more. At first I thought she meant Brandon (her husband) interviewed her....hahahaha....She has a book coming out and a great blog and etsy store as well you will want to check out. Read on.

Cincinnati Creative Arts Examiner: Cordial Kitten- spotlight on children's art illustration

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Worka worka worka

This is what I have come up for this week. Still working hard to use what I have and get ready for the shows. I love that I have finally gotten into a good groove. So this week I embellished (well took apart the tote, sewed on a cotton image of an original collage and then sewed the tote back together. It would of been easier to make a tote from scratch.) 10 tote bags. Created 14 "Old Folks" and 5 pillow drawings. Working on original collages now. Hope everyone has a great Memorial Weekend. Oh, I was sitting on the balcony that is outside my studio and you can hear the Race Cars from the Indianapolis 500 practicing. I don't go to the 500 but, it wouldn't be memorial weekend without seeing the blimp in the sky and to get a glimpse of the 500 Parade floats. I saw floats move to a warehouse on Weds. night when I was downtown. Have fun!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dame Edna?

I just have to poke fun at myself. Samantha posted this picture of us on Facebook and her Blog and when I first saw it the only thing I thought of was Dame Edna so...this could be a second job for me impersonating the Goddess herself. Note to self WEAR jewelry PUT on makeup I don't care if it is hot and humid do it anyway!!!! and stay away from pineapple sunglasses! :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Trip 2 hours South

(from the Steamboat Museum in Jeffersonville, IN)Friday Ed and I went to Clarksville, IN for the Libertarian Convention. I am not a big meeting person so I bowed out and took advantage of the area. Clarksville is just across the river from Louisville so Samantha and I went to explore and do as much as we could in 8 hours. We had a great time. Sam is artsy and so I knew she would love Lynn's Paradise Cafe besides the food being good they have a really fun gift shop.

My photos are not in order....Darn!

Lynn's Paradise Cafe in Louisville KY

Kizito COOKIES the only place I know where you can get a great cookie and a pair of earrings.

This is the storefront of Kizito's. Crazy that there is a house on top of the storefront. A historians nightmare!

I had to throw this in it is my Eddie Lee. I went to the Dinner at the Convention. Wayne Allen Root the past VP candidate from last year was the key note speaker for the Convention and had just finsihed up. Very energetic and fiery speech.

The backside of the Fountain in Cherokee it a Nymph?

I wish I hadn't of dropped Mytholoy in High School. Love this though...very cool!

Fabulous Column on St. James church.

Cherub on front of the church.

We went to the Steamboat Museum in Jeffersonville and had to take a picture of this toliet! Beats the kind we have now.

Scooter parked on Bardstown Road.

Toaster Horse in front of Lynn's.

Dogs swimming in the fountain.

Samantha in front of a HUGE steamboat stearing wheel. It was on the 3rd floor of this amazing house.

Steamboat Museum.

Huge stair rail in the Museum.

Beautiful white room in the Museum.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Last week's work...

I found a blog where they showed a picture of the work that they made each week. Thought it would be a good way to keep me working. Sometimes life becomes a huge distraction and my goals are not met. So week one. It almost reminds me of a food journal and ps. I fail with the food journal so wish me luck. I finished 6 bust dolls, a full doll with vintage jacket and straw hat, a tote with a collage image sewn to it, a mermaid (you can see her blue hair) and the following work that will be a part of the Craft Mafia Show at the Harrison Center. The originals will be for sale in the gallery under glass framed with vintage wood frames. Prints will be available in my booth at the Indieana Handicraft Show at the same time. Saturday June 13th 11 am until 10 pm.
The Craft Mafia group shows theme is Mafia inspired so along with Ed's humor and seeing an alphabet poster by Edward Lear at Suzanne and Paul's I finally came up with these pieces. Thought it was kind of gruesome but in the end I loved it. There is one more in this series but I just deleted it from this post on accident. Oh, well I need to make some stuff. I have another picture to post next week!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A gift from a Blogging friend in the UK

Isn't it great! I won this from Viv is a blogger friend from the UK who had a give away and I WON! I truly never win anything. What is even more special is that it arrived during my long week when Ed was in the hospital. Viv makes collages, jewelry and little purses. This one has little scraps of fiber and vintage buttons, french knots, vintage papers and vintage iron on transfers. So sweet! I love it. So not only did I get this great collage Viv sent along these great old photos for me to use in my work. The blogging world opens up the opportunity to have relationships with others who are interested in the same kinds of things you are. Viv is always showing use the goodies she gets from her local thrifts and she shares the work that she sells on etsy. Thanks again VIV!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Something NEW I bought for myself.

Well, If you have read my BLOG before you know I love my DOG. I saw this on etsy by and it was an instant purchase. It looks a lot like my girl. Check out her etsy store. I love these etsy sellers. I recieved a FREE pair of earrings too and it was in a nice kraft box wrapped like a gift. Wonderful!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

10 Great things about TODAY!

1. It has stopped raining.

2. Ed should be able to come home tomorrow. 5 days in the hospital wears on a person Esp. if you are the wife.

3. I got a wonderful little package in the mail today from VIV can't wait to show you. Need my laptop so I can download the pictures. (Ed has it)

4. I got into a little art fair at Monon and 54th street June 6th. Good News today!

5. The dogs were so happy to see me when I got home.

6. No bills came in the mail!

7. Had a nice breakfast this morning with my nephew (he is going back to war) and his dad and family. It feels like that was a long time ago. :)

8. I ordered a very cute Bassett Hound neclace and it came in the mail too! I will share that as well.

9. I have great friends that care about me and Ed and for that I am very very thankful.

10. I am alive!