Tuesday, March 31, 2009

re: Last Saturday at Art Cafe Saturday

I am all about supporting local businesses and Jeff at JS Reutz Cafe graciously let us use his cafe to sell our wares Saturday. I think it is a good way to connect with other artists and have a good lunch at the same time. Our next event is Saturday June 27th. We are hoping to fill the entire cafe with artists so if you know of an artist please respond to this blog posting. Of course I was the one behind the camera and didn't take a photo of myself. Oh well... This is Candice McDonald, Illustrator. Her website is http://www.cordialkitten.com/ Her work is oh so sweet, like she is.
Old neighbors from Cottage Home where I just moved from having some lunch. It was good to see Dawn and Rob. Thanks for coming!

Mary O'Neil makes beaded jewelry and book makers. She uses many varied materials from rolled paper beads to charms and more. For more info contact me and I will forward on her info. Allison Ford makes these great wooden rings, earring, pendants etc. Her website is www.studioamf.com She is also part of the Indy Craft Mafia.

Lindsey Lord is a fairly new Crafter and is making these very nice pleated bags. I traded some rings for a nice gray jersey scarf. Her wesbite is www.wix.com/lindseylord/designs

Mike Altman the master of all things Cardboard. Check out his site www.mikealtman.com

My friends from Cottage Home Barb and Maribeth. Mary Jane is in the background. I love that they came out for the first Art Cafe Saturday. This is an event that we will hopefully build on. We have 3 more coming up this year. The cafe did well and some of us sold stuff.

Monday, March 30, 2009


I am in charge of the Visual FRINGE part of the iNDY FRINGE festival here in Indianapolis, IN. The application is online at www.indyfringe.org I would encourage anyone who wants to be a part of to enter. Even if you live out of town or out of state or the country for that matter. If you have any questions about this event just comment on this blog posting. I hope you all will consider being a part of this event. We are interested in any media but know if you make bags for example you might want to make an extraordinary bag. Over the top! Also, the bag will probably be hung on the wall as well. I am sure there will be alot of chatter on my blog in the future about the FRINGE! Come and Join me!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Stray Goose,Cross,Cheesecake and Old Friends...

Another week of scattered thoughts and being unorganized with my time. But, I feel I am turning the corner. I did spend all morning online looking for opportunties for the summer. Anyone who lives in the Midwest and knows of a good show...I would love to know about it. Even, if I have missed the deadline there is always next year.
This GOOSE likes Jo Ann Fabric's more than I do. I heard from an employee who was walking by as I clicked away that he visits everyday.

Earlier, I shared my Mom's cross she made for her church. They asked folks to make a cross that shows what you are passionate about. Of course Dori had to be a part of things. I think I may have mentioned my button obsession....

I met Angie and my Mom for lunch and we got a free piece of Cheesecake. Now this is a TRUE piece of art. I asked them do you want me to have the waiter take a picture of us and they weere NO the cheesecake. YUMMMMY!

Even though I am the only OLD one. These are old friends of mine. We had such a nice evening of catching up and chinese. Becky, Leslie and well me. We will do it again soon.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ed and I were coming home from meeting his family in Avon when I remembered that they were moving a scuplture from the Indianapolis Museum of Art to IUPUI. So we parked the car and looked for it in the sky. Ed took these photos with his phone. It was crazy seeing it come in. It hovered over Herron School of Art for awhile almost like it wanted to be there with the other scupltures but then made it's way to it's perch. Other folks were there (not many though) including a reporter from Channel 6 news told us that the Museum spent $11,000- for the move of this piece. In the air!

On it's perch!

The pilot dropping the cables that they used to transport the sculpture. Not sure I will ever see this again in my lifetime. Just wanted to share.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Why is it when you have lots of time to work you aren't inspired to work. Then when you are so covered up and busy, you think of all the things you wish you had time to do even though there is no way possible you could do them then. Then when you have the time to do them you don't. So that says it. I am so happy that it is SPRING. Love my new studio space although it is quickly being filled with art that needs to be listed on etsy. Just having a really hard time getting started. So....I am in the process of making a dress/shift sort of thing and will post some photos of it in process. So far I have the material and I am cutting out the pattern. Hopefully this will get me the swift kick I need. Happy SPRING!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

SALE on www.jennyelkins.etsy.com

I have a lot of stock. Many original collages that I would LOVE to sell. So I have listed 5 so far. All have been marked down, 50% off. More to come. Take a look.....www.jennyelkins.etsy.com

Step away from the COMPUTER!!!!!!

I have been busy with other things, YES. But, when I have time it seems like FACEBOOK, etsy and blogging are sucking me into spending way too much time on the computer. I did manage to get in a good walk with LUCY loo and I am going to break here in a minute to make a good hearty meal for Ed and I. But....I am telling you. I need to step away from this machine. I had plans to make some dolls today etc. and haven't. The other thing is I am trying to make more plans for shows and even creating opportunites. For example Ed wants to go to Columbus, OH for a game convention so I look on the computer to see if there is a possible art fair I could do while he is there....and YES deadline is tonight. Arrrrgh! I am walking away NoWWWWWW.......

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Art Cafe Saturday's - Mark your Calenders!

Mark your Calenders for this upcoming event. So far we have 5 artists/craftspeople that will be there. If you are an artist and want to be involved in future shows let me know. If you have any questions about this event I would be happy to answer them for you. Hope you all can come by and support the cafe and buy some art!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's March 11th!

Our "Bad" little Lucy on the Blog again. So since we have moved to our new place Lucy has been sitting on top of our Sofa like a "kitty". She sleeps there and doesn't miss a thing that is going on outside. Our other place didn't have windows that she could really see out of and the view was not very good, an alley. So she is pretty darn happy. The sofa on the other hand...not so. But, she is so cute!
I am starting to take things from Midland and list on etsy and eBay to try and generate some cash flow. I have listing a few buckles so far on etsy with a lot more to go. All VINTAGE and some are really very cool. Check it out www.jennyelkins.etsy.com

I have recently joined an online Yahoo Group and this month we are swapping books to decorate one page and then swap again. Mine is made using a childs board book. I love the fortune cookie message "Beginning is easy; continuing is hard." It is true with about everything.

Today is my sweet little Katie Bug's birthday! Happy Birthday! She is 21. Her very cute boyfriend Robbie turns 21 in 2 weeks. Aren't they cute together. Just love them so MUCH! xoxoxoxo

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Doing Good!

I have been having a hard time working on my art so I am going to share what else has been going on.
As I was waiting for my Mom and Jim to arrive I saw this great nest in the tree next to my tree. I love the blue plastic hanging it proves the critters are the "real" recyclers.
The Backside of Fletcher Place.

Groceries from St. Lukes United Methodist congregation.
My Mom and Jim with their first load. They are the best retiree's. Always busy doing for others. They loaded down their truck with as many groceries from the good folks at St. Lukes Church as they could. I met them at the center, we delivered 6 packed grocery carts. Fletcher Place is such a great place. They have a clothing store for those in need (vouchers), preschool, food pantry, meals and more. The churches are what keeps it going. When we arrived we were met by an employee saying that they were running low the day before.

Even though it looks full. It goes fast.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Amazing what a little SUNSHINE can do!

Well, I have no photos to post of last nights First Friday. Bad with the camera when I have to remember drinks, snacks, business cards and the like. But, I did see some really nice FOLKS (my new favorite word) and some green was being passed around which made me happy as well. The Studio owner was so nice to let me use her space for one night. Many thanks go out to Martha! Wug's studio (which was across the hall) was popping! More to talk about later! Loving this weather! It does a number on your mind though, still too early to think we can put away those winter coats!!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

March, Smarch!

These are the new prints I will selling at Martha Nahrwold's Studio this FRIDAY March 6th at 1125 Brookside Avenue. Just off of 10th street east of Dorman Street. Starts at 6pm. Ends 9pm. Let me know if you have any questions. One night only! My mom aka SWEET SUE made this in my studio using old greeting cards. Her church has a Art Gallery and they are asking whomever to decorate crosses for the Easter Season. I will make one too but think it will be more Shrine like. She did a great job. (front)


My last issue of Country Home. After my last post going on and on about the magazines ending I fgured out something else about me. These are my muse. I no longer have free money to blow to be inspired. I use to go shopping to Antique Shops, thrift stores, big box craft stores etc. if I would hit a wall. Then I thought this is nuts I need nothing else so the Mags became my inspiration. The colors, reading about artists, looking up things online etc. I have a ton of supplies and could exist for quite a while with only buying double stick tape and ink cartridges. I know I seem a little crazed about it but I feel really bad about this.

I tried to work in my "new" studio today not the most productive. I have high hopes for tomorrow!

Where have all the MAGAZINES gone.....

Well, I have shared on my blog about the HOME magazines going away. I had no idea that Country Home was going away too! What is so sad to me is everytime I recieve a Southern Living or Martha Stewart Living in my mailbox. It is a downer to me. Reminds me of what I am missing. I don't live in the South, this is Indiana it is in the 20's today and it is March 2nd. I am not saying I don't want to vacation there but I really don't want to read about it all month either. Martha Stewart reminds me of GREED. Reading about all of her properties and she has goods at Kmart, Michaels, Macys etc...Good for her but, I don't want to help her buy another house. The magazines that we have lost featured artists, studios, warm and cozy houses. That is what I still want to read about.

Well. my blogger friend Heather sent me this link. http://www.maryengelbreit.com/MEHC/
It was like the ANSWER to me. I got it! It all made sense. Thanks for sending the link Heather.

I see these changes with the housing market effecting magazines. I know things are happening. VERY AWARE here. Just not sure that others are getting it. More later.