Saturday, January 3, 2009

Just ran across this Yesterday and thought I would share

Back in June Ed's and my house was featured in the local Indy Star newspaper. Yesterday I was looking at the latest HOME feature of an artist couple in the Rocky Ripple area of town and found that our feature was still online. So, before it is archived to never never land I thought I would share. This photo was not featured in the article since it shows a beautiful sparkling trash can. But if you are interested this is the link. I guess I wasn't blogging at the time or maybe I was shy about it. Can't remember. If you can find your way to the other home features look at Patsy and Bob Cram's house. She is a friend and they went to shoot her house and they saw a piece of art at her house of mine and inquired about it and she said they show take a look at my house and it is history! Also, some of these photos never made it into the paper only the website. This same house graced the cover of Better Homes and Gardens under the previous owners in the 1990's. Last spring it was also part of Housetrends magazine, when an article was done about the Cottage Home neighborhood.

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Samantha said...

Thank you so much for posting this, I never went upstairs. Your home is beautiful, I love it!