Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Preview of ABC show coming to a gallery near you...

I have been working on my ABC series for an upcoming show in Gallery No. 2 at the Harrison Center here in Indy which opens December 4th. I am not done but I am making good progress. Hope you can come to the opening.

Ed and I are so blessed...

Ed and I have the best nieces and nephews. This is HEATH Schlatter (Ed's side of the family)with his Scout Master. This past Sunday he became an Eagle Scout. Only 2% of all Scouts achieve this rank. Heath is one of those kids that is really easy to love. He is also an entertainer at heart. Congratulations HEATH! We are PROUD of you!

Monday, November 2, 2009

All dressed up and some place to go.

I bought a wedding gown at a thrift store size 10 and cut it up and sewed it onto a t-shirt to make the whole outfit work. I decided to go as the GOTH Bride of Frankenstein. Thought I would share a close up. I am not very photogenic. Always smiling crooked or my head is the wrong angle so my favorite pose to discourage the double chin.
I have so much art and goodies to make for 6 events before the holidays. SO I will be in my studio with my nose to the grindstone for several weeks. Wish me luck!

Halloween in Irvington, INDIANA

There is this old neighborhood just east of downtown INDIANAPOLIS that has this history of ghosts and crazy happenings through the years. Well, Ed and I moved here last Feb. not because of the ghosts but because of the homes, sidewalks, closer to basic shopping (girl needs a close JoAnn Fabrics, come on!). So since we live here we were able to experience Halloween in the style of Irvington. It starts off in the early hours of the day with a bon fire and breakfast sharing outside. We chatted and ate homemade breakfast casserole, pumpkin bread and little sausages from the grill. Meeting folks and their pups. Char is a great neighbor and feels like an old friend, with one of our neighbors dogs. He has beautiful BLUE eyes.
Then the RUN begins. This is outside of our Rental. Such a view. Notice within 6 days the leaves have almost all fallen. But, I had to come home....still dealing with my toe issues. We stood out there cheering on all the age groups and walkers and runners alike. FUN!

Then we met well, NICK a waiter at the Legend restaurant. He was a horny Priest all in FUN. We had a great meal with friends. I had pumpkin RAVIOLI with spinach and sweet potatoes and other delicious flavors on top. It was so good.

Beth and Ron came as International Travelers. Beth from Russia and Ron from FRANCE. They left our company :( and went on a 2 hour walking ghost tour of the area. They are long time Irvingtonians.
We then went to a party of a local and their house was decorated so cute. Of course I was too busy making sure my wig didn't hit something and stayed erect that I forgot to use my camera. Her porch was almost magical. I forgot to mention that my fore head hurts still. WIG too tight!!!

This is Suzanne as Egor, me well Bride of Frankenstein, PAUL well Frankie and aka The LIFE of the PARTY and my husband the MAD scientist (which is his day job too!) I have been sick with whatever is going around and had to muster up the strength to attend all of these events. I had to make a drug store run in the middle of our night. The show must go on !!! We stopped by another local wine bar before heading off to see the ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW which by that time I was miserable and swear I feel asleep at some point. But, it was a really great night and Suzanne and Paul are such good sports. Going over and above on their costumes. What will Halloween 2010 bring?