Monday, December 30, 2013

Theodore was right!

I'm convinced that no one reads my blog anymore and I think it is kind of given me a sense of freedom.  So maybe I will blog more.  Who knows.  So, at this time of year I do feel a sense of starting over.  With that comes analyzing my business, my home and of course weight and finances. 
With what I have....For the past couple of years I have been saying what Mr. Roosevelt has said when it comes to my studio and business I am trying to use what I have and do the sales and shows that will work best for me. 
Do what you can...I did more shows this year and I have to say the shows have been a challenge because of my husband's health.  I will keep doing them but, I am going to try to be super organized and work way in advance. 
Where you are....Thinking of selling our 2 story house and finding something with a bedroom and bathroom on the first floor.  If you have moved lately you know what kind of work this involves.  I've been looking.  We could live anywhere in central Indiana....just not sure where we need to be right now.  

Friday, December 27, 2013

December 27th, 2013

Where has the month gone?  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Holiday.  
I had a great first time Holiday Sale at my home on Dec 6,7 & 8.  It was so nice to see everyone come out despite of ice and snow.  I even created a little pop up shop on my front porch after the sale was over and made a couple of sales from there.  Really makes me want to have a retail store again.  (in my future?....not sure)
My Eddie Lee (hubs) had a set back during my sale and my folks had to take him to the Emergency Room.  Thankfully, he had one issue that lead them to find an even bigger issue and after a little surgery he is on the mend.  He deals with a long list of chronic issues so it is our normal here but, we always appreciate you thinking of him. 
Once the sale was over and Ed was home from the hospital it was full on Santa's workshop.  I felt like I was down to the wire getting my house decorated and finishing up my holiday lists.  I painted my little great nephew a little wooden stool with his name on it.  I made 12 flannel pillowcases for my side of the family.  Have you seen the different patterns of flannel today?  Real cute!  For example my step dad is a Bowler and so his was bowling theme.  I made running, outdoor, dragonflies, homemade, cupcakes, beer, Japanese pattern, basset hounds, bowling and dinosaurs.  just something warm and fuzzy from me.  They got other goodies as well.  I had some other goals but, had to put those aside.
Ed and I are trying not to eat sugar and carbs, it was tough getting through the holidays without baking.  Even tonight I had an overwhelming desire to have something sweet.  Luckily we have nothing in the house so I had cheese and olives.  I have lost around 30 pounds since July 4th and it has been the slowest weight lost of my life.  Trying to change how I deal with food forever and not just for the length of the "diet".  It has been a real effort for me.  I am taking it "a meal at a time". 
*I had a picture of Lucy painted by my friend Jim Kelly of our Lucy the Basset Hound. for Ed for Christmas this year.  I love his work and he did a portrait of our other Basset, Magic over 8 years ago.   I love that painting and I love this one too.  His work can be seen at
I'm looking forward to 2014.   It always feels like a new start when the calendar changes from year to year.  Best Wishes for 2014!!!!!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

3 things about me....

 I have a small but, growing ugly doll collection.  It has become a go to gift for my hubby and I love that he goes into a toy store and brings home one of these fine fellas for a holiday.
 I love Indianapolis.  It may not be the best, biggest city but, it's where I live.  There have been times in my life that I have been involved and active going to events and openings.  Right now I'm not doing that but, when the time comes it will be here for me. 
I had a friend buy a deer head for me years and years ago at an auction.  When I was dating Ed his brother in law was at my house and he asked me "Jenny, did you kill it?"  Makes me laugh.  They live out in the country and I guess it could be possible that I would sit in a tree and hunt.  But, this gal doesn't hunt.  I got it so I could decorate it.  This guy is going to get in the Christmas spirit real soon.  

Friday, November 15, 2013

3 things about me

On facebook right now everyone is asking each other to tell things about themselves so I thought I would share here...
 I love, love, love black and white.  Of late it has become the rage and I have to say it has made me very happy.  I bought these bowls (3 of them) years ago and them. 
 This is my front door.  I only feel truly at home living in an old house....I also, have a thing about safety and I check and double check my locks and leave my lights on outside etc.  When you live in an urban setting for 20 plus years you my hood!
I made this doll some time ago.  Actually I made 3 (sold 2) and I kept her.  They were to represent my great-great aunts who all wore pearls and had snow white hair.  Great little snippets of childhood memories.    She has feather wings and twig legs that go into the ground to represent my roots. (Deep) One of my favorite creations.
to be continued....

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


This GAL is still up for grabs!  The opportunity to win her continues....rules are changing go to my Jenny Elkins Studio facebook page and like it and write on the page that you want to WIN her.  Thanks!!! xo 
 Okay, I made this little blue haired POLKA dotted GAL this summer to enter in the Indiana State Fair Open Class Division.  I did get a ribbon I think it was 3rd place.  So, now I am ready to let her go live with someone else.  But, I need you to do a couple of things for me before I will choose who she gets to live with.  Folks let's be frank....I need more followers.  I make and sell my work and vintage goodies for a living and I need more fans to find me online so I can keep making and selling things.  It is my life!!!  Honestly, Im the happiest when I am busy doing what I love.      
So, in order to qualify to win her please follow me here on my blog and LIKE my vintage etsy shop at or my handmade shop at you can also follow me on facebook at Jenny Elkins Studio or Instagram or Pinterest at Jenny Elkins.  Then come back here and (comment) tell me what you are following or have liked. (you don't have to like everything) When I get a said number of followers I will announce the winner of the blue haired doll and I will whisk her off in a box and let the mailman deliver it to your door.    
Thanks so much for your following, liking and hearting me.   Yours, jenny 

just posted!

 newly listed! 
I love this little couple.
  They are hand painted ceramic liquor bottles made in Holland. 
 they just don't make stuff like this anymore.
 I think he is dreamy!!! (wink, wink)
 even though his head comes off!
in my etsy shop....

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace

I'm doing this show this coming Friday from 5 to 8 pm and Saturday from 8 am until noon at the Fountains in Carmel, Indiana
Special guest Sue Whitney from Junkmarket will be there! 
Come and see me! 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

love this quote!

I just heard that Sandra Bullock and I are the same age.  Well, she looks great!  Me welllll not so great.  But, I think after 49 years you learn to have some good boundaries and know what is important.  Do what you love and that is exactly what I am doing!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hello Halloween!

 I live in a historic neighborhood that has tales to tell.  We even have a ghost tour company and it will tell you all of the events that happened in our quaint little town.  In Irvington we have a Halloween Festival and this year I am going to have an outside booth on October 26th.  Kinda on the edge for handmade outside here in the Midwest but, as long as it isn't wet I will be fine.  The above is this years poster I think it is pretty awesome.  So If you are in town come by and say hello or BOO!  your choice. 
 These fine ladies will be in my booth.  Made of air dried clay, real wool hair and strips of fabric (still using what I have on hand :)  Since these pictures were taken I have added cute little plastic pumpkins. 
 as always cuter in person. 
 New original will soon be available as a card or 8.5 x11 print
 almost finished paper which garland will be for sale in the booth on October 26th.  Here is the link for more info
Something else I have been doing more of thanks to my friend Lori McDonough of Fresh Picked Whimsy (Follow her blog - see her link on the side of my blog) is Instagram and I love, love, love it.  Lucy my basset is a frequent Instagram subject so if you can't resist her big brown eyes follow me.  There is a link at the top of my blog. 
Enjoy this fine FALL weather!!!!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Exit 76 Arts and Antique MALL Edinburgh, Indiana

So....I have had this mall space for a few years now and from time to time it is TIME to clean out and start over.  I had a big 65% off sale in the month of September.  It may become a tradition.  The booth had become a place where everything went that came to me.  Yes, from time to time I get stuff.  Which I am eternally thankful for.  So I need to do a little switcheroo and breathe new life into it.  Now, I need to tell you that the booth is about an hour one way from my house and even though I try to get down there every 2 weeks or so it needs to be packed full so I can get the biggest bang for my buck.   I have rent to pay and they take a percentage of the sales.  In my head more is better at least here.
 Before the NEW merchandise and after the SALE.  Looking a little picked over (I think).
 After.  I warned you it is FULL!!!!  Lots of handmade from the A Fair in September SALE.
 I have a new OBSESSION with Chickens or Roosters.  Can you tell! 

 Beautiful FUR coats.  VINTAGE clothing.
 Seriously, the pictures don't do it justice.  It's a fun little booth.
 Farm signs
Lots of affordable little collections await you at Booth # B834.  If you are on your way to see the beautiful Brown County State Park and have time stop by the Mall ask to see my space.  30% off through the end of October!!!  the end.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall cleaning!!!!

After a Fair in September I put my etsy shop on a diet!!! Over the next couple of weeks I will be adding some new items. Here's a sneak peek. October first I will be revamping my antique mall space at Exit 76 Art and Antiques. It's a new season and there is so much to come!!!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

it was a FAIR to REMEMBER

If you don't already follow my friend Lori McDonough on Fresh Picked Whimsy you should.  She is a great illustrator and has great ideas and a real nice family that she blogs about.  She was in A Fair in September and wrote up a wonderful post about it with great snaps! 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The count down to a Fair in September

 The show is in 8 days and we have already started to put up the tents and start displaying....these are some of the things I have created or found for you to buy.  Hope you'll come.  (See previous post for more info)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

LOVE Bugs!

 Round wood top ACCENT table with metal black hairpin LEGS....
LOVE BUGS...$150-.....coated with poly. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Farewell State Fair 2013

I love the Indiana State Fair.  As a child it was something that my family always went to growing up.  My Dad loved the Pioneer Village and I was a 4-H kid who sewed, painted, made posters, did recycled crafts and even entered my cat Blackie one year and got Reserve Grand Champion.  It was only natural for me to enter projects in the Open Class 3 years I got a handbook and dove in.  This year I had bitten off more than I could chew and I had hoped to enter 22 projects.  When the time came I only entered 11.  When I went to the Fair on opening day I was delighted that I got ribbons on 10 out of 11 entries including a Sweepstakes ribbon for a Mother of Pearl Bib Necklace I made.  So, it was a great year in the Button category for me.  Of course in order to keep making things I have to sell them so they will all be available to purchase at A Fair in September coming up in less than a month.   We pick up our projects the day after the fair closes and it is always a little sad....everything is closed up....2014 will be here in no time.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Fair in September

Are you coming?  Hope so!!!!!
September 13th noon to 6
September 14th noon to 5
85 N. Irvington Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46219

For the BIRDS - A Fair in September

 I bought this little Hoosier Style cabinet from a neighbor that is moving.  It was painted a lite green.  I painted my upstairs Cracked Pepper earlier this year and LOVE gray more than I ever thought I could.  So this little piece has been transformed!!!!   The rooster is paper that is painted from a vintage Typesetting book.  I really love how it looks now.  It will be for SALE at my sale A Fair in September....have I mentioned I am having a backyard sale (wink, wink!) 
 Close up of the door.  My friend Catherine Thursby from Red Shoes Home Goods in Ann Arbor Michigan work has inspired me to do some chickens and birds.  Check out her website:
This is small accent table that has a paper bird collaged to the top.  I used an old piece of artwork that never sold and a table base that my favorite jewelry artist Robbie Moriarty gave me a couple of years ago.  It is amazing what paint can do $68- available in September!!!! 

Monday, August 12, 2013


Where has the SUMMER of 2013 gone?  Well, I know what I have been doing!   I've been busy getting ready for A Fair in September.  A big event that is held at my house in Historic Irvington (Indianapolis, Indiana) this September 13th & 14th. 
I finished this little standing shelf just a few minutes ago.  It was a homily, handmade shelf and now well, you tell me.  I'm going to keep putting little "preview" alerts on my blog until the sale.  If you want a postcard sent to your home let me know and I would be happy to do so.  

Monday, June 24, 2013

I've decided I like working more than that bad?

I saw a friend recently and she said to blog about what is going on in your life but, the truth is I really like to WORK.  I have no kiddo's and I like seeing a box of vintage get photographed and listed and put into a box and shipped off to somewhere, usually the east or west coast.  This little find of these lace up GLOVES made me Swooooon!  How darling are they!!!!!  My Mom and I organized and ran an estate sale for her little neighbor Betty (she was 92) and these were Bettie's.  Everything she had was well taken care of.  She was an antiques dealer and was active until the day she passed.  A true picker to the end. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tying the KNOT

My niece Jennifer is getting married this weekend (isn't she cute!) and she is sooooo excited.  I love when a young couple is this excited to start their life together.  She is having an outdoor wedding and so far the weather looks like it is going to be perfect.

She chose to use silk flowers and we picked these beauties out a couple of months ago.  I really enjoy doing wedding flowers for people that I love.  ps. they are so pretty in person. 
The brides are all using burlap these days.  Mason jars, twigs etc.  It's going to be sweet!!!!
I hope they enjoy this little gift I had made for them.  xoxoxo