Tuesday, January 22, 2013


At my last birthday my friend Melissa gave me this magnet.  I just took it today to my studio space and was just thinking about it.  She thinks of me as Fearless.  I am usually game to jump in with both feet when others hesitate and Im not talking about jumping out of a plane (in fact I havent flown in a plane since junior high).  I take risks with business and being an artist (my work) and I will try something if it doesnt work out, I will take another chance.  The last few years have been real years of change for Ed and I but, I roll well with the punches.  I think I learned that early on.  Be open, make the best of things, things won't always be this way, Give it a try...survive.  I had told people that my New Years resolution the past two years was to be aloof and withdrawn because I felt I needed to focus more on Ed and myself.  This year I have decided today is to be FEARLESS!!!!!!!!  (my take on being fearless, not yours :)