Saturday, January 31, 2009

I've GOT some catching up to DO!

Ed and I are on the MOVE!
I am never sure how much I want to reveal about myself or others on my BLOG. After the election Ed and I agreed to put our home back on the market (Indiana went through and re-assessed some, not ALL homes and by re-assessing them it changed the amount of tax we pay into our escrow every month.) At first we feared our house payment would increase an additional $1000- a month. Then the governor put a freeze on it and we waited to see what would happen. The freeze was lifted some things were worked out and our payment went up an additional $500- a month. Well $500- or $1000- it is more than we can pay and I do not want to be so burdened by a house that in the end it is owning us. So we are MOVING. There will be a new owner and I am sure he will love and take care of this house. In the end we never really own a home we just take care of it for awhile.
So, today, after my tireless Mother and I organized and threw out and packed away my studio for over a month. Some of my friends and family came over and we packed up 11 loads of STUDIO and GARAGE in 16 degree weather with snow on the ground and moved it to our new place. I actually have a studio in the house now. I never thought I would be so happy to have it that way. Mine had been outside and I found that when it was late at night, cold, snowy, raining or storming I didn't want to go out there. I longed for running water and privy.

My great friend and artist Kristina from Duluth, MN (was in town) (lucky her), her MOM, and our friend Kathy, My buddy and artist pal Mike, my Marine nephew who has more positive energy then anyone I know Mark, my step dad Jim who is always there for us and my Mom SWEET SUE who I depend on for so many things and is always there for me. Missing from this picture is one of my favorite neighbors Mary, My brother Roger who hooked up my washer and dryer and my husband Ed who was inside preparing lunch. Ed is a big old NERD who doesn't do manual labor very well. I learned that early on when I had the power tools and he had good cookware and too many books to count.
They were all a great help and I couldn't have done it without them. Many thanks!
Other things this week HUGE Icicles at our old place.
Another sweet shot of our stinky dog LUCY! Again, the cutest little Basset in all the WORLD. Laying on all of Mommas pillows. My friend Lori said she would give her dog a kidney if he needed one. I feel the same way.

I hate that I have almost been too busy to blog. I will look forward to keep packing and moving over the next week and a half. Then the nesting begins it is like a clean slate just waiting for me. I am even going to paint some furniture. Something I haven't made time for in a long while.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act

So, there is this new CRAZY Act going into effect in February. Lori McDonough of Fresh Picked Whimsy has written about it and here is her link

This is the link to the Forbes article.

Candice Hartsough McDonald from Cordial Kitten has written about this on her blog too.

My husband is a Libertarian (it is rubbing off) and this Legislation is an example of what Libertarian's are fighting against. If you read the Forbes article the only Congressman who voted against this Act was Ron Paul, from Texas with major Libertarian leanings. The Lib's believe is smaller government which this is a HUGE example of what goes wrong when there is BIG government. As crafts people we can not survive with Big Brother breathing down our neck. I understand not having lead paint on a toy that a Large TOY manufacturer has imported from CHINA. That should of been the ACT pure and simple. But, extending it to craftspeople and thrift stores is SINFUL. I was listening Neal Bortz on the radio and he talked about this ACT at length one night said it was ABSURD. I say keep on keepin' on. If the government comes up with jobs for people to go to art fairs and surf etsy to sniff out these crocheting criminals we should all apply. This kind of thing makes me want to make children's GOODS. I say mark your items with a TAG that reads. INTENDED FOR ADULT USE ONLY. Nuff said. :(
(The BEAR (made by a craftsperson from KY) is handmade, expensive purchase for me. They were made with the collector in mind and not intended for small children. Although, say you were well off and wanted to buy this for a small child you would, could.)

Monday, January 26, 2009

I got them!

My friend Lori McDonough is one busy GIRL! She is featured in a magazine this month, her book is coming out soon and a rubber stamp company picked up her designs. These are the ones I bought and they just arrived yesterday. They are so cute. She has a great whimsical STYLE. I am going to give the P,B &J to my niece Jennifer who is in her Senior year as an Education Major. Anyway, check out Lori's blog if you haven't already.

Well it is confirmed 100%

I recieved my postcard offically stating that Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion has ceased publication. Of course the postcard also states that I am currently recieving Martha Stewart Living which I am not. I have in the past but I am just not feeling it for Martha anymore. With Home Companion I loved the artist features and the everyday joe-types showing us how they decorate. I will truly miss this magazine. I always felt like anyone of my artsy friends could of been in that mag. In fact the last issue featured Penelope Dullaghan, artists and designers on our radar. She is a native Hoosier that once worked in the Ad agency down the block from the little shop I owned and frequently stopped in and visited with me. She has gone on to do great things In the article there is a photo collage of the Mass Ave area even showing the grocery store where I shop at on a sometimes aily basis. Oh well enough. Something great will take its place. Does anyone remember when Mary Emmerling had a magazine? I was so sad when that one ended too. I felt it was way before it's time. Sniff Sniff. So I will end this BLOG posting with wonderful photo of another piece of Robbie's collection. About the photo: These are wonderful dolls by Rosemary Huff who is from KY and the last I heard she stopped making them to sell. She got a day job. Boo Hoo. I do have one. I will show her later.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I went to Louisville to help my friend Robbie Moriarty (artist) with some computer work. Her house is like a Outsider Art Gallery - Folk Art Museum. She has the best artwork mostly from Midwest artists. I have about 20 photos to share on my BLOG of her collection. This is the first.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Stryofoam Project - DONE! New Years Resolution was to do challenges for Somerset Studio. The first challenge is to CREATE something from Stryofoam. In the past I have used Styrofoarm as an armature along with paper, wire, dowel rods and Celluclay. This time I racked my brain for one great idea and I am still not sure this was the right one.

The back story is: when the FRINGE festival was here in Indianapolis this summer. Ed and I housed a couple of performers who were from Austraila. Rani, wore a little bright RED hat and was cute as a button. Inspired by this I had planned to make a series of HATS out of cardboard and fabric. When this challenge arose I decided to make one from Styrofoam. NOTE: The hat looks way better on a real sized head with hair (my Mom wore it for a breif moment).

So, here goes. I bought a block of foam and a foam circle and carved it to the size and shape I wanted it. Papered it with gel medium, painted it 2 different colors of red and stained it with black. Dotted in with off white paint and then used brown stain on top of that. I have to say it is not a material I want to or like to use. So this a was a challenge. I also feel like I over embellished it. OW.

I adorned it with vintage ribbons, black netting, red glitter wire and a pretty bird. I hope I don't miss the deadline but it is boxed and ready to go. Again, we will see.

The MOST blogged about Bassett Hound!

It is obvious I don't have children...since I keep posting pictures of my DOG. I have a thousand things to do but I took Lucy's picture AGAIN today and she is so darn CUTE! Yesterday, when I came home she gave me the best homecoming! I wish Ed was that excited to see me :) More later tonight.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ready or NOT here I COME!

My friend Robbie who lives in Louisville has asked me to come down and help her out with some projects. I know that she was watching the events of this DAY on TV (all day) so I hope her mind is rested up for me...cause here I come. Even though it is only a couple of days I have really enjoyed posting on my BLOG of late. So I will miss my blog until at least Friday. Robbie has the best collections of anyone I know so I will post some things on my return or maybe while I am there. Of course LUCY our huge fierce dog and Ed my burly husband will be holding down the fort for 2 days. I am laughing already! Soon....!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Spring ROCKS!

I know it is still January but don't these remind you of SPRING. My friend Kristina is in Duluth, MN where they have fat winter bunnies and lots of white fluffy snow and cold temps. Hopefully these are helping her look forward to warm temps ahead in say May. They remind me of cotton candy. She has a shop on etsy you can find her in Blogs & etsy Shops I like Kristina Estell.

MORE at Midland

I know it isn't spring but I have been cleaning and organizing as though it was. These are pictures of my upstairs booth. Booth 882.
Original artwork - framed and unframed. Funny recycled journals. A couple of shabby mirrors. A handcarved motorcycle and rider. Old roller skates. Tapestry Totes. Catnip Mice. Buckets. Sap Buckets. Handmade Dolls. Old Garden Gate.

Wooden display easel. Lots of beads. Buttons. Cat cards. Mexican Paper Dolls. and lots MORE. Great PRICES. See more info in Coming Attractions section of this BLOG for details.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's time for LOVE.....xoxoxoxoxo

This HAPPY couple will soon be available as prints in my etsy store. The large print on 8 1/2" x 11" will be $24- and a very small print on 4" x 6" will be $12-. RED is one of my most favorite colors.

Friday, January 16, 2009


What a life little Lucy has! Well she isn't that little. 65 pounds. Bassett Hounds are big muscle dogs with short legs. She doesn't like these harsh below zero temps anymore than we do. I open the door and the cold hits us in the face and she I really need to go out there? YES. Sleeps all day. We love her.
We love Jockamo's Pizza. It is located on East Washington Street in Irvington. Go there! Plus the Monkey on the Box is pretty darn cute. Great pizza, salad dressing and friendly staff. They have a piece of my Artwork in the Ladies Bathroom so go see that too.

I had a bad case of insomnia one night not too long ago and so I shopped on etsy. I ordered these little stamps from Korea. But didnt bother to look at what size they were. Sooooooooooooooooooooo tiny. I will have to ink them up and scan them in, blow them up and print them off and collage with them they are so small. Cute though. Love the little Panda Sticker.

This week has been filled with organizing my studio (almost there) taking things to Midland and using my new printer. It is so cold here that I have been taking Ed to work. Looking forward to Mike's opening tonight. Our friends Suzanne and Paul are going and we are going to try Brugge (I hope I spelled it right) a Pub in Broadripple.
Until tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Don't miss this SHOW!

Mike Altman is a friend of mine who has so much talent and darn it is just a all around nice guy. He is the latest member of Garage Artists Society. So come by in this cold weather and wish him Happy Birthday and check out his newest masterpieces. Ed and I will be there as well as some of our friends. If you have any questions contact me and I will help ya.

Monday, January 12, 2009

CBS Sunday Morning * SUN *

As I posted in a previous post I call the CBS Sunday Morning Program my "church program" which is not good....I should go to church. But, right now I watch about Artists, Places, the World, Musicans,trends, politics and everything else that is interesting to me. So I got it in my head that I needed to make a SUN in my way and send it to them to see if they will put it on the show. PIPE DREAM probably but, tomorrow I mail it to New York, NY to the program headquarters.
The SUN is made from these printers box spacers that are used in the wooden boxes that have become popular knick knack shadowboxes for the wall. My buddy Tim Harmon gave me a bunch.

Wish me LUCK. I will let you know if I EVER hear from them!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I LOVE to lunch or breakfast

Corn, Tomato, Pesto Strata with olive oil home fries.
Pomme Fritz Fries with Aoli Dip.....Yummmmmm

I met my friend Lori McDonough from Whimsy Studios (find her on my blogs I like) fro Breakfast at this really YUMMY place called TASTE at 52nd and College Avenue in the SoBro area of town. We got in line and ordered and then when the food arrived we both got in our bags to retrieve our cameras to take pictures and we got a HUGE laugh from doing that. Lori is the one that has encouraged me to BLOG. Now I love it and have becomed addicted to it :) Here are the best Pomme Fritz Fries withAoli dip. I had to get us an order. I am one of those people who love to dip things in real mayo don't tell my Doctor!

Last BLOG post

I just wanted to clarify my post about magazines. I know why Somerset magazines are pricy. They do not have advertisers and I am very thankful for that. I was watching CBS Sunday morning (aka my church program) and they were talking about how this Bride magazine has over 700 pages and 500 some pages are ads. I would hate for the Somerset issues to ever be that way. Just hard to buy many in these times when we are all trying to conserve.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Magazines....I love them. I have them. I want them.

Just got my Country Home in the MAIL today. There is a bunch of great colors, blues and pinks. Also, yummy recipes for Chicken and Noodles etc. My Country Home seems smaller to me. I thought I should blog about the ending of COTTAGE LIVING magazine. So, sad. I really enjoyed it. I even heard that HOME COMPANION was ending. I do not have confirmation about this just something I heard. I was also very surprised to find that most of the Somerset magazines are now $14.99. I do love them and hope to be in one this year. That is one of my things to do this year: Submit work for the Challenges in Somerset Life.

I love this! I have a dresser that needs to be painted PINK!

I was featured on the Front Page of ETSY

These guys were features on the Front Page of ETSY yesterday and I missed it!
Thanks to all of you who convo'd me about it.

I really need to buy some more linen and make more!
Two are still waiting for a good home.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Midland Arts & Antiques, Indianapolis, IN

This is the wall I just rented at Midland Arts & Antiques located at 907 E. Michigan Street, Indianapolis, IN
I have a bunch of work...I tend to make a lot because, for 10 years I made a product that I sold to stores, galleries and shops across the United States and beyond. I guess I still think like that. So, I work in large quantities. I guess it is good that I have a good work ethic. I also love what I do....So this is the wall. This is my case. I made these chunky bracelets and other bracelets, necklaces and rings using vintage buttons as well as vintage game pieces like domino's, etc. Plus, I have small mixed media collage works for sale in my case too.

A new display when you walk into Midland. It is a great place to shop and visit if you are from out of town. There are some great vendors who rent space and I love that they encourage artists to rent space. You GOTTA go! Email me (email located at the end of the blog) if you need more info.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What SANTA brought!

Santa (aka Ed) bought me a nice shiny Epson printer for Christmas. I can't even tell you how many collages I made in 2008. I really wished I could sell more than once. So my wish has come true and I will be able to make more work available to more people. This will help me build my online business once everything is up and going. I had never had photoshop until it came with the printer so at this point I am just learning how to use it all. So happy to perhaps work smarter in 2009.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Just ran across this Yesterday and thought I would share

Back in June Ed's and my house was featured in the local Indy Star newspaper. Yesterday I was looking at the latest HOME feature of an artist couple in the Rocky Ripple area of town and found that our feature was still online. So, before it is archived to never never land I thought I would share. This photo was not featured in the article since it shows a beautiful sparkling trash can. But if you are interested this is the link. I guess I wasn't blogging at the time or maybe I was shy about it. Can't remember. If you can find your way to the other home features look at Patsy and Bob Cram's house. She is a friend and they went to shoot her house and they saw a piece of art at her house of mine and inquired about it and she said they show take a look at my house and it is history! Also, some of these photos never made it into the paper only the website. This same house graced the cover of Better Homes and Gardens under the previous owners in the 1990's. Last spring it was also part of Housetrends magazine, when an article was done about the Cottage Home neighborhood.