Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ladies and gentleMEN

 It's a SIGN !!!
 I was asked by the Cafe that I hung my last show in to make signs for their restrooms.  So today I did.  The owner is going to paint an off white stripe on the door and then hang the sign in the middle.  I think it is going to look great! 
It's the 10th year anniversary for The Legends Cafe on Washington Street in Irvington  just east of Downtown Indianapolis this May.  Stop in for good food and well great restroom SIGNS :) !

Monday, April 22, 2013

My little GREAT nephew

He is such a cute, sweet fella. 
(I accidentally deleted all my photos from my iphone the other day.
I cried.  It was a stupid mistake on my part. I do have these though.)
I saw my niece and nephew grow from tiny babies but, that was 25 plus years ago...I am amazed how fast they grow now :) He is LOVED by many....

Sunday, April 21, 2013

it was a CRAZY CRAZY yard sale

 My Mom and I have a yard sale every year and every year I say to her let's npt do it next year and she says oh but, I enjoy it.  It seems like every year we have a reason to have a sale.  This year was no exception.  My Mom (Sue) is a care giver to a woman my age who is not healthy and has very little.  note* my Mom is someone who has always taken care of people .  Sue's care reciever is getting a handicapped apartment and Sue and my step dad Jim (I helped one Saturday) and others have cleaned out her storage unit and now will be moving her next week.  So we had a lot to sell.  Plus I went from 2 antique spaces to 1.  I have a friend who is organizing and down sizing and we always throw in my nieces stuff.  This year was the biggest SALE ever.  The garage was packed and we used 3/4 of her driveway and a tent.
The craziest part of the sale besides doing it for 3 days.  Is that we had high winds, flurries, rain and cold temperatures.  It is the Midwest, we could have flurries into May but, we had just had the best weather a week before.  What is crazy still is people came even in the wind, rain, cold, flurries...it was the most we have ever sold at a sale.  We Hoosiers are ready for spring and garage sale season.  Since we still have so much of Sue's care recievers stuff I am doing it again this coming Thursday. THen the leftovers will be donated.  Wish me LUCK!  I want blue skies and at least 60 degrees!!!  

Thursday, April 11, 2013

studio sweet studio

My sweet artist friend Lori McDonough came to see my studio space today and brought me the Best Present EVER!!!!!  We always talk shop and about everything!!!  Always a pleasure to be in her company. 
Read all about her and her work and her family at: http://freshpickedwhimsy.typepad.com/fresh_picked_whimsy/

Monday, April 8, 2013

Juniper Crossing Daycare ART WORK

 Im so proud of my niece Katie and her biz partner Michelle.  They weren't happy with their jobs and both had just had their first baby and so together they started a daycare.  Im beaming.  We "Elkins" like to be self employed.  Most of my adult life I have been my own boss.  Katie did not hesitat one bit to do the same.  She has a college education so does Michelle and they are serious about this business.  Of course I had to contribute....I had bought these very cute felt holiday ornaments after Christmas at Michaels for 80% off.  I ordered some shadowboxes from Jo Ann's and painted the backing black and then put my spin on how these little animals would perform at the CIRCUS. 
 He's just hanging out at the tent! 
 Pink Elephant balancing.
 Juggling BEAR on a unicycle.
Of course the tiger had to shoot out of a cannon....I just wanted to share something I made lately. 
Wish there was more.  Time flies!!!!