Sunday, January 11, 2009

I LOVE to lunch or breakfast

Corn, Tomato, Pesto Strata with olive oil home fries.
Pomme Fritz Fries with Aoli Dip.....Yummmmmm

I met my friend Lori McDonough from Whimsy Studios (find her on my blogs I like) fro Breakfast at this really YUMMY place called TASTE at 52nd and College Avenue in the SoBro area of town. We got in line and ordered and then when the food arrived we both got in our bags to retrieve our cameras to take pictures and we got a HUGE laugh from doing that. Lori is the one that has encouraged me to BLOG. Now I love it and have becomed addicted to it :) Here are the best Pomme Fritz Fries withAoli dip. I had to get us an order. I am one of those people who love to dip things in real mayo don't tell my Doctor!