Monday, August 27, 2012


 Vintage BINGO journals....made fresh today!
 Scrappy JOURNALS finished today...more pictures to come if they are still around after my SALE on the 14th and 15th of September called A Fair in September with 2 co-horts Kristin Sims and Jennifer Grobe.  More info to come!!!
 Cover of the Scrappy COLLAGE journals.
I covered Composition books with FUN fabrics
I think I have made way over 50 blank BOOKS and Journals for this SALE. 
Would you be interested in taking a class in my studio to learn how to make these?  If so leave a comment stating that.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Indiana State Fair

Day one of the Indiana State Fair.....I told Ed it is like the poor man's Epcot/Magic Kingdom rolled into one.  We love it though.  Ed and I will go a couple of time and I will probably go with just my Mom and we will stroll through the Family Arts building, see the largest Sow, sit through a honey bee talk etc.  It is really HOT, HOT, HOT year in Indiana so, no close ups!

(Me) Jenny and Ed posing with a dairy cow.  oooooh  ahhhhh (anyway)

Love this sign in Pioneer Village.  Pioneer Village is my favorite place at the fair. 

Ed and I met and had a conversation with Larry the man who owns this Concert Organ. He travels 7 months out of the year to fairs. Especially since his wife passed. He is from Texas and was once a fire chief. Real nice guy. He owns 5 of these Organs. The move and is really GRAND.

I did get a 1st place ribbon for my Vintage BUTTON pin, 2nd for my Vintage BUTTON pendant necklace, 3rd for my Snowman Wreath and for Ginger & Coco, my cloth doll, 4th place for the simple Vintage BUTTON bracelet.

It was fun getting everything together for a fair. I will get some prize money for these little wins, 6 tickets to get into the fair and a discounted parking pass.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

ice cream bucket turned skull waste bucket

 I have had this ice cream bucket, you know the kind that they have ice cream in (or they use to) at the ice cream parlor, for a long time.  I have been wanting to paint it so one day I did. 
 Simple, child like SKULL.
Im not sure it goes with everything else in the room but, i like it.