Sunday, May 31, 2015

Riley Marie

This is my sweet little great niece.  She came into the world on March 9th and she is still at Riley hospital getting better.  I spent about 2 1/2 hours with her today.  For the longest time only Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpas could she her but, now that she is getting better her Aunts and Uncles and a few others are able to visit.  She is so sweet and the little things have made us all so excited the first thing was when I got a video text from my niece Katie her momma of her crying.  Because she never cried before.  It was the best sound!  Another one is that she could suck on a binkie and getting her to smile.  Everything that is going in the right direction is CELEBRATED. 
She really is a miracle baby.  There are a lot of changes and different levels that she will have to get to and then we are hoping she can come home for awhile.  I love you little Riley! XO 


Sometime in mid April the Indianapolis Monthly came and took a picture of me sitting in my dining room. The issue came out yesterday! I promise I tried to get an appointment with my hair stylist but, he is in great demand so it was a 3 bobby pin day. So much has happened since the day the photo came out. We sold the condo and moved temporarily to my little studio in Irvington and just started to settle into our new (to us) mid century ranch in Ellenberger Terrace just north of Irvington.
I will be showing you some new pictures of our new place real soon.  I have a bunch to do!!!!  More than I thought once we got in the new place we found more that needs to be done.  Soon.....xo