Friday, January 16, 2015

ANNOUNCING!!!! Saturday in the Studio with Jenny (workshops)

 I am so excited to announce that I will be having workshops in my little STUDIO starting Saturday January 31st. at 10 am.

I am offering adult classes for all skill levels.  Classes are limited to 8 adults.  The fees include supplies.  Many of you may be familiar with power tools, hammers, glue guns, glitter etc. and others may not.  If you are a beginner "Don't sweat the small stuff",  I will be sharing some of my trade secrets at these classes.   My studio is my happy place so be prepared to have a good time.  We will break at noon for lunch so please bring your own beverage (water, pop, wine etc.) and a brown bag or a snack to share.  I have a refrigerator and a microwave.

My studio is located at 5213 E. St. Clair Street, Indianapolis, IN 46219
Street parking only. 

(If anyone wants to hold a private party for 8 on a different day of the week or night I would be interested.  Please contact me.)
If you need more information about the class or want to sign up with me directly feel free to call me at (317)965-8492  
 Happy Birthday Banner and Card(s) #7 March 21st at 10am



Let's celebrate BIRTHDAYS!!!!  In this class you will create your very own banner to hang whenever you celebrate your friends, family or co-workers birthdays.  This bad boy is 7' long and 6" high.  Ed (my husband) is cutting out all the letters for us on a handy little gadget.  So you'll be cutting, painting, marking, gluing and threading.  I LOVE the end result.  Come join us!  I'll even be serving BIRTHDAY Cake for dessert.  While we are waiting for things to dry you can make one or more simple birthday cards. 

To take this class you MUST register please click on the link and follow the prompts.  There is a small fee that will be added to the class and supply amount.

Little ABSTRACT painting Workshop #8 (framed) March 28th at 10am

Join me and paint this little abstract painting and go home with it framed and ready to hang.  Everyone will create their own pattern and choose their own colors.  11" x 14" natural fir strips will finish this painting.  Hooks and wire on the back will make it ready to hang. 
To take this class you MUST register please click on the link and follow the prompts.  There is a small fee that will be added to the class and supply amount.

YOU are one in a MILLION Painting Workshop #9 April 11th at 10am

Join me Saturday April 11th at 10 am.  We will be painting this flower painting that would make a great gift for a friend, sister, Aunt or Mother.  Or you can leave it blank and just make a flower painting.  I am pretty flexible around here.  We will be cutting aluminum flashing as the trim around the 11"x 14" painting.   Bring a friend!  Ready to hang.  You can pay in advance or at the door.

To take this class you MUST register please click on the link and follow the prompts.  There is a small fee that will be added to the class and supply amount.
Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions.
I am really excited!!! I hope you can join me at the studio!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Riley's Heart

My niece Katie is expecting her second child, Riley Marie Chastain in March.  A couple of months ago she found out at a routine doctors visit that her little girl has hypo plastic left heart syndrome.
Katie and Robbie are handling things like pro's.  Doing research, talking to other Mom's who have kids with this heart issue and joining an online support group.  This young family have so many people who love them and I am one of them.  I know that the expenses are going to be huge.  They may have to take off time from work.  There will be several surgeries in her future. Katie is blogging about her experience at please follow along.  I can't write them a big check but, I can sell art!
    (Katie Marie, (little) Lucas and Robbie)
 100% of the proceeds of this set of prints are going into a little fund I have started to help them out. Whatever I raise will be matched dollar for dollar by an anonymous donor. You can buy them here:
They are $20- for both prints
(The originals will be hanging in little Riley's bedroom)
Thanks Friends!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Pet Portrait Pricing

  Ready or not here I come!!!!
The following pricing is for one DOG head and shoulders only.
Acrylic paint on 100% natural cotton duck canvas.
(contact me for sizes and prices larger than 12" x 16" more than one dog? I can give you a quote for that too.)
see etsy link to order please order through etsy or
send me your paypal address and I can bill you.
PHOTOS- You will need to email me your jpeg photos to
Let me know if you have a background color preference.
If you want you dogs name written on your piece please let me know that too.
size                              7/8" profile (needs a frame)            1 1/2" (profile ready to hang)
8 x 8                                        $75-                                                    $86-
8 x 10                                        86-                                                      99-
10 x 10                                      96-                                                    112-
9 x 12                                      107-                                                    122-
12 x 12                                    118-                                                    136-
11 x 14                                    139-                                                    156-
12 x 16                                    160-                                                    180-
*****artist retains rights to any art she makes.  In other words I have the rights to make and sell a print, button, pillow, coaster etc. of the painting that I made of your pet.
Please let me know if you have any questions. 
Thank you!

Monday, January 5, 2015

just sharing an old body of work

****the Gallery that I had this show in back in 2010 has closed and she is getting ready to take down the website so I wanted to keep this here in my blog.  2010 seems like a long, long time ago now that I look at this show.  I enjoyed it that is for sure.  Sarah Adams (gallery owner) was so laid back and a joy to work with.  All the pieces are sold. 
Jenny Elkins -- Show February/March 2010

"Strumpets and Squares" -- New works by Jenny Elkins

Showing at AV Framing Gallery February 5 - March 20, 2010.

Artist Statement:
I feel that life can be hard enough and I only make art (or craft as some may call it) that is light, happy and is garnished with a twist of wit. Even though sometimes there is definitely a message in my work, it is still done with a sense of humor. I have been collecting these antique cabinet card photographs for many years.

I have always enjoyed making collages and working with found objects. It felt natural for me, like “breathing”. I have been making art for so long that if I don’t enjoy making something I just won’t do it. It has to be fun and it’s the process I like the most, the process of gathering and hunting just the right photograph, papers and supplies, not to mention the thought process of how it will all come together. I may not start the actual physical work on a project immediately, but it doesn’t mean I am not thinking about how it is all going to come together.

I used all the skills that we all learned when we were young on this body of work. Cut papers, chalk, glue, tape, beeswax and paint were used in the creation of these pieces. I spent many hours cutting, taping and dotting everything you see, and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Dogs and Cats, Cats and Dogs

 So I did a "loose" painting of my Bassett Hound (not shown here) and it was in my studio hanging on the wall but, not for sale.  I had a few people say "Can you paint my cat, dog etc." So I did this December.  Years ago I had our own dog "Magic" painted in oil by friend and local artist James Kelly of Mad Lab Studio.  Then last year he did a small painting of Lucy for me to give to Ed for Christmas. 
 I seriously had never tried to paint dogs or cats in my style but, I had really enjoyed it and felt that I achieved some good result and I hope they were happy with what they received on Christmas Day. 
 These were done in acrylics and are sized from 16" x 20" to
 36" x 36".
Stay tuned if you are interested I am going to get some prices together in the next week.  Feel free to send me an email to get on the list!