Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

As you can tell I am catching up on my I avoided the post office and only sent things from the house that were purchases and I still have everybody's lightswitches. I just couldn't face the USPS line. So now I will mail. My apologizes.

Merry Christmas to all! So many changes through the years...I am trying to find a new enjoyment of the season. I think when you are young it is a time of wonderment. When you are older and you have experinced more loss it becomes about those who are not with us...but I am trying to just enjoy friends and my loved ones as best I can. Ed and I were even talking about how meals aren't as special anymore. I think it is because everything is so readily available. The special becomes more of a normal experience. Just like when I was growing up we rarely ate out. Now I am not sure I go a whole week without eating out.

Anyway, back to the Merriment...Ed bought me a book I wanted to share. A very cute quirky book of how too's. A little over the top in her style but I am most interested in making a resin bracelet using an ice cube tray. The Naughty Secretary Club it is on SALE through Amazon something like $11-. As soon as I make something I will share it on the blog.

Have a great DAY!

The Leisure Kings

Last Saturday night after the Libertarian Holiday Party we went to see the Leisure Kings at the Jazz Kitchen here is town. We met our friends Barb and Nick there. Barb and I have seen them at Agio on Mass Ave (every Weds. night) a couple of times and they are HILARIOUS!!! No really! Polyester suits, bubble machine, giveaways etc. They sing rap songs to a lounge tune. Ed and Nick loved it, it was worth just seeing their reaction to it. Our friend Brent who is part of Buselli Wallerab Orchestra was there they called him Red Baron. Brent was directing the Big Band. It was a great treat and we had a really good time. Check them out if you are local get some friends together and go see them.

Last Saturday December 20th

My new Friend Samantha bought me this Santa Candle (how nice!) It reminded her of my "A" collection. So of course it's new home for the holidays is near the other "a's". Thanks Sam you shouldn't have. :)

Last Saturday was the Libertarian Holiday Party and it was hosted at Suzanne and Pauls. Her (their) house was all decked out, the food was delicious and they even hired entertainment. Very nice gathering of FOLKS. Many thanks to S & P.

What a great wreath!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


No this isn't the HGTV blog! I always thought to myself I am not going to post food pictures on my blog because it is like an alcoholic taking pictures of beer. But, we had a gathering here at the house last night for some FRIENDS and they all pitched in. I only took photos of food no people :) I am sure they thought it was qwirky! Mary makes the best Mac and Cheese....well frankly I have enjoyed everything she has ever made. She is a great cook, neighbor and friend. I even had some Mac and Cheese for breakfast this morning. I think I may of even dreamt about it in my sleep.
Michelle....what can I say. Last year she brought a beautiful display of cookies and I thought to myself I have never been in the presence of such a wonderful handmade treat in my life. My mom and I have always baked and made special family recipe's but nothing like what Michelle does. It is amazing. Everything....yes everything on this plate was EXCELLENT! After I had some Mac and Cheese I had a sled and some white bark with red hots in them for my breakfast dessert. Not a typical beginning of my day but hey I am HAPPY! Michelle is an amazing artist, quilter, knitter, MOM....she needs a blog!

Would you believe another party TONIGHT and TOMORROW as well. Tonight after the party for the Libertarian's we are meeting our Friends Barb and Nick to see the Leisure Kings. I will post tomorrow!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Is this as GOOD as it gets? Maybe.

Well the lights are on. This may be all that happens this year. I have a house full of artwork and a very small booth at Midland so today I will try to stuff it all in there. I hate that I have been feeling so lousy for the past 4 days. Not getting anywhere fast. Crazy busy weekend coming up. Friends here Friday night, Party Saturday then we rush off to see the Leisure Kings with Nick and Barb at the Jazz Kitchen. Sunday gathering of Ed's old friends from Lilly. I hope everyone will be fine with a minimally decorated house! They have too!

My friend Patsy knows about my button addiction and surprised me the other day. I came home and found a bag with these big wooden buttons in them and a message on my machine. Such a sweet surprise. They hang on the wall and are HUGE! Thanks Patsy!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Catching up!!!

Our tree. Needs love!

Just wanted to show off my new RIBBON. So cute for $1.50 a roll. I got it at BIG LOTS. You never know what you will find there! The flu has kept me from being very Christmasee of late. Went to the Purdue Christmas Show with my niece Katie, Mom and my sister-in-law Cindy. I really enjoyed it. I did however miss dinner with Ed and my nephew Mark on Sunday but they went without and had a good time.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I have just spent the majority of my day looking at this aaaaa collection in our living room. I figured eveyone should see it too. I listed clothes on eBay (long story bad idea) and some items on etsy. Plus I have been pricing stuff to take to Midland. The whole process of listing items online takes so is fun and I love to sell online. The A collection started when I married Ed (his last name starts with an A) I have always been a collector of something and this is the latest. *Sure will be happy when this RAIN ends...the dog sleeps all day and she makes me want to do the same. I try not to get the Blues from the weather but it is hard not too, we need SUN! Starting to piece together the holidays with is always the hardest part. Being a 39 year old bride 5 years ago I have spent my whole life going to someone elses house for the holidays, going with someone elses plan. I enjoy entertaining and it is hard to sit back and always be on the sidelines. Ed and I both feel that we need to stay home on Christmas Day and just relax. Fix a meal we enjoy and just hang out together with my Mom and step dad. It may not be ideal for everyone but we have put the time in being a part of other peoples plans and now have given ourselves permission to do the same. TG.....

Monday, December 8, 2008

The OPEN HOUSE is behind me and now I am listing and moving my merch., meeting new friends and getting ready for the HOLIDAYS!

I enjoyed meeting the folks who dropped in to the open house. Some old friends and some new (SAM & Chris!) and even a lovely couple who have been buying from me on my etsy site. It is paying off! Although the open house was successful I still have a lot of work available for SALE so today I will start listing items on my etsy site and taking loads over to Midland Arts & Antiques. I have already taken all my handmade bracelets to my case at Midland. Today I am adding more work at JS Reutz Cafe on 10th Street and taking some bigger framed pieces to my Midland booth (see my next future listing).
I attended a great meeting last night. There are 4 women who are starting the Indianapolis branch of Craft Mafia. I am excited to be a part of this group. Even though I have been doing this a long time....I still need to be inspired and love to bounce ideas off of like thinking people. I feel like this is going to be a real success. I will post more about his in the future.
If you haven't recieved your lightwsitch plate yet I will be sending them out today/tomorrow. :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

More More More!

OPEN house and SALE starts tomorrow

Grace Hickabottom, Grace Butts and Grace HiKnee aka "The Three Graces ".
starts tomorrow at 5pm til 9 pm & Saturday noon to 4pm
at my house.
more info please respond to this post.

This is now what our dining nook looks like. Just waiting for the Open House to begin.

The cutest little wooden snowmen EVER!

These have replaced my Black and White original PRINTS.

I really am happy with these 2 pieces. Dori is my favorite image to work with. So as you can tell I have put all my work that is for SALE all over my HOUSE. What I have realized is that I have so much stuff. Which makes me ask these questions:
1. Do I make too much?
2. Have I just not been in the right venue to sell this work?
3. Do I work too much? Maybe?
4. Am I making what people want to buy?
5. Can artist survive in this economy and if yes (which I hope that is the answer) then what do we need to do to maintain this?
disclaimer: I think everyone who ever makes anything to re-sell comes across these questions from time to time.

What is the worst is that I am thinking this the eve before my last hooray of 2008.
SNAP OUT OF IT! (my own advice :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A little SHOW hanging on 10th Street

Another opportunity to show my work! JS Reutz Cafe is located in the Boner Center at 2236 E. 10th Street (Eastside of Indianapolis). Many of you may remember Jeff from the Cafe he was once was associated with in Fountain Square. Well he is still making killer MEATLOAF and has $5 to $8 lunch specials, sandwhiches etc. I had a ham, mac and cheese bake one day that was so good.... they even use a ham loaf in it. It was good!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are the hours of operation. Now you have to stop in. My work will be hanging for awhile so look for it to rotate in and out. Special opening First FRIDAY in February. I am hanging more on Monday after my OPEN HOUSE is over. As always I am grateful for the opportunity.

Monday, December 1, 2008

OPEN House and SALE

OPEN House and SALE

Friday Dec. 5th from 5pm to 9pm
Saturday Dec. 6th from noon to 4pm
1215 Polk Street
artwork, jewelry and even some supplies!
25% off $25- or more.
Tell your FRIENDS!
need more info

Everyone is a WINNER!

everybody WINS!!!! everyone who posted a comment to my past post about the giveaway gets a lightswitch plate of their choice. Email me which one you would like and you physical address and I will send one to you! Thanks for reading my BLOG!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Make sure you read the FREE GIVEWAY post!

This is one of the lightwitch plates available!!!!

Ahhhhh Thanksgiving!

This is a little HOLIDAY CUBE that I make and sell (photo is fuzzy). You flip it around from Holiday to Holiday and this side is wishing you and yours a Happy Thansgiving. The next photo is of my Horn of Plenty. Even though I am not real big on fake flowers and fruit I do think this is a sharp one. As someone who has spent the majority of my adult life working in retail we often skip Thanksgiving and jump right into the Christmases. I remember when I was making those tedious paper mache cats with Kristina and my Mom and we would have Christmas Music on in August just to get us in the mood. Well I am going to enjoy this Thanksgiving. Even though the economy is not pretty and we don't have a Norman Rockwell family I am thankful.

1. I am thankful for my Family (small and at times dysfunctional)
2. I am thankful for my husband (sickly and an absent minded professor type)
3. I am thankful for friends (troubled and not so troubled)
4. I am thankful for Lucy, my short little dog (naugty and nice)
5. I am thankful for the past and the present (good, bad and ugly)
6. I am thankful for my ability to survive most situations and come out on the other end (good, bad and ugly)
7. I am thankful that I can create and have the opportunity to do so
8. I am thankful for my health (under control)
9. I am thankful to live in a country like ours that still believes in Freedom
10. I am thankful for everyone and everything that has touched my life

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Free GIVEAWAY !!!! I am curious if anyone is reading my blog and have decided to do a giveaway. So post your comment to this posting and after the Thanksgiving Holiday on Sunday I will draw a name and send you a lightswitch plate of your choice from my etsy site.
p.s. the photos of the lightswitch plates are really close up and look better when on your wall. Makes a nice small gift or stocking stuffer as well.

It's beginning to LOOK like......

I just finished listing 6 of these spoon....I have a bunch MORE. So if you are interested let me know. If you don't want to use as a Christmas Tree Ornament you can take off the greens and button and shake off some of the mica and just hang them on the wall.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's that TIME again!

New Christmas Ornaments I made for the open house that my Mom hosted for me last weekend. I will have them in Crawfordsville, IN on Nov. 29th and at my open studio (at my house) and SALE on Dec. 5th and 6th. I will try and list everything on etsy too. (I wished it wasn't so much work to list everything) The large paper collages are $18- each.
Baby Angel on the cover of an old book $16- each. Wooden Snowman is $10- each.

My assistant, cheerleader, life long supporter and the best Mom! Sweet Sue.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Work hanging at Henry's on East Coffee Shop

There are 5 small pieces with girls wearing sunglasses (vintage hair clips) and then 3 of the dessert series. There is more work that I did not show.

Old Bag....collage on an original woodcut purse.

Plate series.....Kiss my Grits, Beans beans the Musical Fruit, Shake and Bake and I helped and more.

The front of Henry's on East. Just north of Mass Ave. Best Iced Tea anywhere! Great desserts and lunch. Many thanks to neighbor Anne Sweeney for getting me the gig!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fall, Shows and Blah, Blah, Blah!

This is one of my collages that is (sold) but I love it! So Fall. I think everyone who lives where the leaves change love Fall. I do. I have been busy working on new work for Henry's on East (near Mass Ave next to Outword Bound Bookstore). I will be taking some pieces that I made this year too that just haven't found the right home yet. Cats, Cakes, Ladies with Sunglasses on, Lots of plates "Beans, beans the Musical Fruit", 3 Three Graces and more. I hope you will be able to stop in and see the show. All priced to SELL. I have a huge day of preparing for my next open house. Cold here. Loved that I heard from an old customer through my Blog, Carolyn you made my day. Also, had lunch with Lori of yesterday and she gave me great ideas about some marketing. Love spending time with her.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rock on!

One of my very favorite persons, Kristina Estell has just opened a new etsy shop. . If you have been to my house you may have seen this great little stack of felted rocks she made for me last Christmas. They ROCK! Kristina is a fine artist and has a enormous amount of talent. Check out her other works at . She and her husband David Bowen live in Duluth, MN. Wish she was here!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I need to BLOG!

I voted. Here are my thoughts about yesterday. I wish more people would educate themselves before they go to the polls. That the office of President is very important what I am blogging about has nothing to do with Obama. But, local government is just as important. It effects what happens at home. We still have a Congressman riding the coatails of a dead grandmother. Our citizens voted for a referandum to spend .25 billion for our horrible inner-city school system. It will increase our already high property taxes and not be subject to property tax caps. I know students that attend these schools they WILL graduate, they have good parents. The truth is these students can be in a brand new school, it is the families that need improvements. I think my sadness is that I live in a area with more uneducated voters than educated. Now remember I am a registered Democrat (for now). But, I felt bullied by the democrats this election. Telling people to vote a straight ticket doesn't make for a diverse government. When I go to sleep at night I want my to know the best and brightest are in charge of my country, state and city.......

It is OVER....he (we) lost...but, he ran a good campaign!

Ed before the election party. He screwed up his leg the night before and was in a huge amount of pain. I ran him to the doctors during the day in between everything else and he got some meds. then ended up with HIVES. His normal LUCK! But with ice and some pain killer he is on the mend. My diagnosis too much campaigning the days before the election. Suzanne, our good Libertarian friend, came over and made sandwhiches for all the poll workers and she willingly decorated the house for the little gathering afterwords. It felt like campaign headquarters. You are the best SUZANNE!
On our little street we had a good showing of support. There were 7 signs on a 1/2 of block. Not bad. He did really well for someone who just got involved in politics a year ago. I am really proud of him.

The front of our house with a sign for the after party.

Lucy showing support for her DAD!

This is where it all began. July 2007 Black Sunday after Indianapolis residents recieved their property tax bills they went to Monument Circle to protest. (It seems like years ago). Ed is holding a sign that reads " No ones life, liberty or property is safe when the Legislature is in session." Mark Twain. Of course he is holding a microphone. I am realistic that it would be hard to vote in a Libertarian State Representative but, I am disappointed too.
Unfortunatley, the Presidental race hurt Ed's race....later post.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween at "OUR" house

On our way to the party!

I went to the darkside!
Ed went to the party as a "Bad Fairy". His idea. Totally cracked everyone up. Lot's of self esteem behind that wand! :)