Tuesday, June 16, 2015

She's HOME!!!!!!

These 2 are so stinkin CUTE!!!!!  Big brother LUCAS and his little sissy RILEY (that's what he calls her Sissy) In the Lobby ready to leave RILEY hospital for the first time in 3 months!

I don't know all the details yet (I am going down today) but, The Riley Foundation interviewed both Katie and Robbie before Riley left the hospital. Katie was the second Mom to deliver a baby at the new Simon Tower (addition) and the Riley Foundation is raising money to have a delivery/maternity ward (I guess they still call it ward) at Riley Hospital.  It's so cute seeing these little guys being video taped and photographed.  They are STARS in my eyes!  
She's tired. xo
She is home for a couple of months before she will have another surgery.  She is still needs lots of thoughts and prayers.  Can't be around anyone who is sick, etc.  Looking forward to my visit today! 

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Riley Marie

This is my sweet little great niece.  She came into the world on March 9th and she is still at Riley hospital getting better.  I spent about 2 1/2 hours with her today.  For the longest time only Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpas could she her but, now that she is getting better her Aunts and Uncles and a few others are able to visit.  She is so sweet and the little things have made us all so excited the first thing was when I got a video text from my niece Katie her momma of her crying.  Because she never cried before.  It was the best sound!  Another one is that she could suck on a binkie and getting her to smile.  Everything that is going in the right direction is CELEBRATED. 
She really is a miracle baby.  There are a lot of changes and different levels that she will have to get to and then we are hoping she can come home for awhile.  I love you little Riley! XO 


Sometime in mid April the Indianapolis Monthly came and took a picture of me sitting in my dining room. The issue came out yesterday! I promise I tried to get an appointment with my hair stylist but, he is in great demand so it was a 3 bobby pin day. So much has happened since the day the photo came out. We sold the condo and moved temporarily to my little studio in Irvington and just started to settle into our new (to us) mid century ranch in Ellenberger Terrace just north of Irvington.
I will be showing you some new pictures of our new place real soon.  I have a bunch to do!!!!  More than I thought once we got in the new place we found more that needs to be done.  Soon.....xo

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hello April!

We are 9 days into APRIL and it has been a wave of emotions.  We have sold our CONDO and are moving again....yes it is true.  It has been a really fast year since we moved to the Northside.  I have met and enjoyed 5 very lovely ladies here in the complex and I have so enjoyed the pool and having all our living space on one floor. 
 BUT, Ed received word that his health insurance is going to change and we are going to have to pay more out of pocket for his supplemental insurance and prescription coverage.  Still not sure of all the details.  But, since he will no longer be covered under his employers insurance due to being on Medicare I will no longer have someone to help make the deductible with.  So I will (hopefully) not see free prescriptions by the end of the year etc. like we are use to because he is chronically ill and has hospital stays, tests and lots of scripts and hits his out of pocket every year.  It is a very frustrating issue and I could go on and on about why or if or what is happening but, I will say these changes HURT.  Ed paid into a disability plan his whole career because he has had Chron's since he was 13 and knew he would need it.  Oh well roll with the punches.  So we are trying to be pro-active and we are getting rid of the biggest expense we have.  Our condo. 
Thankfully our Realtor ROCKS!!!!  She hired a professional photographer and SOLD this in less than 5 weeks....here is where we are moving from.
 I replaced the original carpet in the hall with the matching wood parquet.  I love that stuff!  (entry)
 another view. 
 I love this Pottery Barn light.  The cracker pepper paint is Behr from Home Depot.  It will be in another room at the new place, the paint that is.
 This room is so big that we put our desks in it. 
 See our Lucy (basset hound) at the sliding glass windows.
 I am obsessed with animal print.  ugh!  I have had the ottoman since the 1990's I bought it through the Spiegel catalog (if you can even remember that)  I have always loved Mary Emmerling's style and she said something like you can have a little leopard in every room.  Or something like that.
 I wasn't a fan of the green counter tops but, decided that if I painted the walls green they would blend in and it did.

 I looooovvvvveeee that Crate and Barrel Red cabinet.  We bought that with Ed's Jeopardy money.  It's a keeper!
 vintage owl cannisters.  Found those at Goodwill.
 The dining room is peaking in.

 I jus t sold all my wooden shoes at my sale last week.  So long....
 Our Master is HUGE.  Yes that is a dining room table.  We will be lucky to get our bed and 2 side tables in the next place.  Ha!
 Master Bath
 Guest Full Bath
 Our brick deck
So now what....
 Ed (my husband of nearly 12 years) and I just couldn't seem to figure out where we were going to land.  Nothing on the market really appealed to me.  Hard when moving from a large space to a small one.  It is not like we are 22 and have a bed and some Goodwill furniture.  Thankful to still have my Mother and step Dad but, I really don't want to live with them temporarily.  We looked and looked at houses online and in person and then decided we would just take over my little studio (little house) in the neighborhood we left and love. 
Then a couple of homes came up for sale on Monday and by Tuesday we were looking at them. Tuesday night we sat down and did a pro's and con's list and Wednesday made an offer on this little beauty.  They countered last night and we accepted. 
 Now, financing and packing, moving, unpacking and then comes making it our OWN.  I have never had a attached garage or a screened in porch or a DRY basement or a pool table.  The house has been owned by the same family since 1962 and the hardwoods are in great shape as is everything really.  The washer looks like it came with the house in 1962.  I will use it if it works.  SO, for a couple of weeks at least I will be busy doing the move. 
I am so thankful that this is a very affordable place and I will be able to keep my studio and continue to work there and have sales and workshops.  That place makes me happy.  One day I may merge into the dry basement into this little place but, for now one major thing at a time.  :) 
Feel free to take the tour:

Ed's man CAVE
 sooooo pretty!

thanks for scrolling to the bottom!  xo 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I just added another Saturday in the STUDIO with Jenny for April 11th

You are one in a million PAINTING workshop APRIL 11th at 10am
Join me Saturday April 11th at 10 am.  We will be painting this flower painting that would make a great gift for a friend, sister, Aunt or Mother.  Or you can leave it blank and just make a flower painting.  I am pretty flexible around here.  We will be cutting aluminum flashing as the trim around the 11"x 14" painting.   Bring a friend!  Ready to hang.  You can pay in advance or at the door.

To take this class you MUST register please click on the link and follow the prompts.  There is a small fee that will be added to the class and supply amount.

Please feel free to contact me at jse64art@sbcglobal.net if you have any questions.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Come paint a little ABSTRACT painting March 28th - Saturday in the STUDIO with Jenny

Join me and paint this little abstract painting and go home with it framed and ready to hang.  Everyone will create their own pattern and choose their own colors.  11" x 14" natural fir strips will finish this painting.  Hooks and wire on the back will make it ready to hang. 
To take this class you MUST register please click on the link and follow the prompts.  There is a small fee that will be added to the class and supply amount.

"Riley Marie"

 What a week this has been.  My niece Katie had her baby.
 Riley Marie
3/9/2014 at 9:23am
Katie was only the second Mom to deliver at the new wing at Riley Children's Hospital.  Giving birth is not normal there.  When I went to find the waiting room that morning they told me that people don't give birth there.  I said well they are today.  They were 100% ready for this sweet little girl.  Everything went so smoothly. (I am in awe at what they can do)  She is around 8 pounds and was born with Hypo Plastic left heart syndrome.  She was immediately taken to surgery after she was born.  Dad was able to get a glance at her but Katie saw a few pictures immediately.  After surgery they met.  She will have a lifetime journey with this syndrome.  We are all hoping for the best possible outcome.  I can't tell you how many people were praying for these guys.  It makes me emotional just thinking about it.  I love these guys!  Riley will have another surgery this coming Thursday.  You can follow Katies blog at:  http://rileymarieheart.blogspot.com
(I am still selling my prints (see side of blog) and 100% of the proceeds go to them.  I along with my matching donor have raised over $900- so far. (thankful for you!) I also started a you caring fund.  A lot of Rileys medical billd will be covered during her first year.  I know things will be tight for them.  They are now a one income house, and they are driving constantly back and forth to the hospital.  You go through drive thru's and spend money when your life is no longer normal.  If you can do, if you can't please share. http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/riley-marie-heart-/305365  You can also follow along for updates.)
Being the great aunt I won't be able to see Riley until she comes home which could be some time. But, her grandma and grandpa have.  I can tell she's a fighter.  (smiles)
Looking forward to seeing Riley in the family pictures.  Hopefully, soon.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

COLLAGE 101 - coming this SATURDAY March 14th - Saturday in the STUDIO with Jenny

Next Saturday's CLASS is COLLAGE 101
We have 4 people signed up so far.  I will have a lot of photos, photocopies, vintage papers, scrapbook papers etc. I will be giving a stencil demonstration.  Also, if you want to use a special quote or a picture of a ancestor please bring those things with you.  The class is $32- and you can sign up by going to the Saturday in the STUDIO with Jenny at the sidebar ------->

COME join me it's FUN!!!!

re-cap of the last 2 WORKSHOPS - Saturday in the STUDIO with Jenny

Today's Saturday in the STUDIO with Jenny.  We painted wooden rabbits to hang on doors instead of a wreath. 
Sanding, Base coat color, second color, sanding, dotting and hand lettering.   Drilling, wiring and adding a BOW.
Some of my oldest friends came today.  I really enjoyed the day.  Of course we always have to eat.  We had a delicious taco bar and cookies!!! 
Last Saturday's CLASS - DIY subway signs.
my sample

Wooden board with Chalkboard paint, adding lines with chalk, added words with chalk, painted words with chalk...many, many coats of paint.

 It was a big class!!!  Such an awesome group of women. 

 Everyone choose their own words and they all ended up looking great.  I will be having this class again in late April early May.

Monday, March 2, 2015


If you have been following along with my niece's family and the upcoming birth of her baby, here is a updated post. 

click this link:  http://rileymarieheart.blogspot.com/2015/03/we-have-date.html?spref=fb

My FUND raiser continues....click on the side bar to purchase these prints.  100% of the proceeds go to them and will be matched.  
thanks friends....xo