Sunday, February 14, 2010

Moving DAY 2010

Don't get this confused with 2009. Yes we are moving we moved last year on Feb. 11th and this year we started moving yesterday Feb. 13th. Lonnnnnnnnnng story but hopefully at some point there will be a happy ending. SO....we are unable to get our phones and Internet hooked up until this coming Thursday. There is also a problem with not having phone jacks in the house so hope fully I will not be off line too long as I have become so very accustomed to communicating via email etc.
Hope you all had a wonderfully ROMANTIC day with your loved ones! Happy Valentine's!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Listing ETSY items

For sale on my etsy store.....Fashion section.
Vintage Misc. section. Makes me want to go on a picnic.

Vintage Misc. section.

Vintage Doll Section.

Jenny Elkins handmade section.
I have been a listing fool today. I have way to many little piles around the house. A pile of things to list, one to photograph, one to ship and one that I am not sure I want to part with yet. I also have a lot of handmade items that I am discounting and will be slowly listing. My wishes for etsy is that they add a shipping calculator and something that would help you to do a duplicate listing without having to most of it from scratch. If you are reading this blog and have never look at my etsy store please do so. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Haiti by Hand

The world of Blogs is so interesting. You may find someone's blog you like and then it takes you to someone else's blog and then on and on. Not so long ago I decided I needed some fresh blogs to read and inspire me and I ran across blog. She is a great artist who has ties to Haiti. You will have to go to her blog and read all about it. Since the earthquake, she has started another blog and a etsy store where you can purchase something made by hand and the monies go to help HAITI a win win for everyone. She has started a yarn drive, craft supply drive and a quilt drive.
Today she wrote how we are not hearing about HAITI as much. That they are still having aftershocks and there is so much to be done still.
I am definately going to do send things for the supply drives. If you are local and have stuff to give away I will throw it into my box and ship it off.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Gallery Opening

First FRIDAY February 5th, 2010

"Strumpets and Squares"

from the mind and hands of Jenny Elkins

AV Framing Gallery

Fountain Square, Indianapolis, IN

The forecast was a downer a snow storm was rolling in and the word is out STAY home. I was talking to someone earlier in the day and told them I had an art opening tonight and she said "The art crowd are HARDY". So, I packed my camera and decided I would take a picture of everyone who dared to come out on this overwhelmingly beautiful night. I guess by the time I took this we had over 5 inches of snow. Now, more has fallen and blown. Secretly I am a snow girl. I love it! I love how I have to beg our little Lucy Bassett to come in and once in she is so excited. Runs all over the place. So without making you wait any longer here are the HARDY art FOLKS! ps. Thanks for coming!

Kristen and Eric Sims. Happy Birthday Eric!

The famous Mike Altman who lives more than a hop and a skip away.

Friends.....Mike and Jeff. Dawn and Rob.

The best neighbors....Barb, Nick and Ryan (Luke is mia tonight). Barb is so supportive.

Sarah Adams (AV Framing Gallery owner) with her guy Brian.

Yes....My BROTHER came. Roger. I called him, sent him an email and a postcard. Nothing like being hit over the head.

Tracey and Felipe. Go COLTS!

Rachel (local artist) and some guy in a yellow parka.

A regular to the AV Gallery, Marshall. He was giving me ideas on what he would of done with my piece.

Maribeth, who sacrificed her warm bed to come to my show. I really do appreciate it. Tim (the salvage guy) who knows more people then anyone I know.

Rita Spalding (artist).

Rita's friend Jenny.

The magnet man Dan Axler.

Char, my neighbor who is gonna hate her picture but it was a dreadfully soggy night. Thanks for coming Char!

Albert. Albert and I were in art class all through High School. He is working on getting a body of work together. Look for him to debut this summer.