Friday, February 21, 2014

so much has happen in such a short time.........

So much has happened in such a short time....after the holidays were over and Ed was recovering from another hospital stay we made the decision to sell our OLD house in the Historic neighborhood of Irvington, Indiana.  Within a week I met with a neighbor who is also a realtor and I de-cluttered, patched holes, fixed tile and cleaned my house.  She had a buyer in mind and they LOVED it.  The wife cried when she saw the house.  It made me feel like it was the right thing to do. 
SO.....this is where we are headed.
 I never thought I would even want to live a condo but,  I am.
 The couple that own the condo are really sweet and are moving into assisted living.  The rooms are huge, in fact the condo is 500 sq feet bigger than the house we live in now.  I am decorating it in my mind already.  I want to make it feel like home asap.  So carpet will come up, curtains will be hung, walls will be painted and of course lots of artwork and knick knacks will be unpacked.
We move in 20 days which seems like a long time but, there is a lot to do here on my end.  Lots to pack and a bunch that I will take to my booths.  We are loosing a garage, attic and basement so I want to be more organized and be willing to let things go especially once I get in there. 
Can't wait to get in there and make it my own place.  I hope our little LUCY behaves.  That is my biggest fear that she will bark too much or misbehave and get kicked out. 
I'll be back with afters!!!