Thursday, February 21, 2013

little studio

In October 2012 I started renovating a little house that is now my "where this woman works".  It is where I store, sort, clean, photograph and list all of my goodies on etsy.  It is also where I create.  Everything that I was doing to make a living was consuming Ed and my living space and my dear friend Barb had a great tip and it changed everything.....
 The little kitchen is almost finished.  We have painted nearly every inch of this place and it is really starting to come together.  This room awaits a red painted floor.  We removed 7 layers of tile and linoleum along with a sub floor and black mold.  There was a broken dishwasher that has been put out for the trash and collected that was the culprit of the black mold.  
 Once the floor is painted a dresser will go here and hold the microwave and the mini fridge.  You have to have drinks and snacks!
 This opening is actually made to hold the fridge.  Not sure exactly what I am going to put there until a big refrigerator is purchased.  The turquoise door leads to the back yard and the little one car garage.  See my obsession with polka dots!   
This will be painted red before the end of the month.  Can't wait to get the ladders and huge shop vacs out of my studio.  I'm growing tired of stepping over everything.  It has been a true transformation.  It takes a Mom, step dad, brother, neighbor Sandy and my friend Robbie have all stepped in and help me with the space.  It is such a little space I have tried over and over to photograph it and everything comes out dark and sad.  The space is anything but, dark and sad.  Can't wait to show you how this turns out once it is painted.  to be continued.....


NOTE - I sit here at my desk wearing a black and white striped shirt as I'm writing this.  (Dots and stripes are a new obsession for me)
1-My friend Robbie is currently obsessed with Pinterest.  I am benefiting from her obsession because I saw this PIN and wanted a pair of polka dot sneakers in a bad way.
2-They are no where to be found.  I looked at the attached site, Zappos, eBay and Amazon.  No Kate Spade dots and nothing in my size. 
(I have campfire stomping size feet). 
3-I was sad a couple of days ago.
 4-Today, BINGO $2.69 at Value World size 11M I used a 1/2 price coupon so double score. 
5-It's a M I R A C L E.
6-They aren't Kate Spade, they are used....but, I will pop them in the washer and buy some new pink laces and I will be happy!

Monday, February 4, 2013


I have been wanting a new purse lately.  I had been struggling with some over worked arm and hand issues and while wearing a brace on my wrist I gave up my heavy purse.  So, now we are in the middle of winter and cold and wearing a big down black coat with zippered pockets that have both gotten fabric in them and are my little convenient iphone/wallet doesn't feel so secure in my pockets anymore.  I really wanted a $88- polka dot fossil bag but, my conservative/biker chic side won out.  I ordered this little number from Amazon on Saturday night and it arrived today for $29.99 plus free shipping.  I LOVE IT.  The buttons are all snaps.  It's nice and roomy, pleather and it brings out my bad side. :)   

Saturday, February 2, 2013

New Series part 2

New Series

I have been missing in action.  The last couple of months have flown by but, I have gotten a lot accomplished for sure.  Today I have completed a new series that will hang in The Legends Cafe in Irvington, Indiana.  I have challenged myself to work differently.  I hope I have been able to do that and still stay true to myself.  I had my step dad Jim make me a wall from some free barn wood (I never pass up free) and then I made some small pieces for this little vignette.  I really like how it turned out.  The show will hang through March.  I hope you will stop by the Legend and have some delicious food and spirits and take a look at my work.   Next post will show more work from this new series.