Friday, January 30, 2009

Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act

So, there is this new CRAZY Act going into effect in February. Lori McDonough of Fresh Picked Whimsy has written about it and here is her link

This is the link to the Forbes article.

Candice Hartsough McDonald from Cordial Kitten has written about this on her blog too.

My husband is a Libertarian (it is rubbing off) and this Legislation is an example of what Libertarian's are fighting against. If you read the Forbes article the only Congressman who voted against this Act was Ron Paul, from Texas with major Libertarian leanings. The Lib's believe is smaller government which this is a HUGE example of what goes wrong when there is BIG government. As crafts people we can not survive with Big Brother breathing down our neck. I understand not having lead paint on a toy that a Large TOY manufacturer has imported from CHINA. That should of been the ACT pure and simple. But, extending it to craftspeople and thrift stores is SINFUL. I was listening Neal Bortz on the radio and he talked about this ACT at length one night said it was ABSURD. I say keep on keepin' on. If the government comes up with jobs for people to go to art fairs and surf etsy to sniff out these crocheting criminals we should all apply. This kind of thing makes me want to make children's GOODS. I say mark your items with a TAG that reads. INTENDED FOR ADULT USE ONLY. Nuff said. :(
(The BEAR (made by a craftsperson from KY) is handmade, expensive purchase for me. They were made with the collector in mind and not intended for small children. Although, say you were well off and wanted to buy this for a small child you would, could.)

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Heather said...

hehehe, I'm married to a Libertarian too...they must like artists as much as the fair tax ;)