Sunday, November 17, 2013

3 things about me....

 I have a small but, growing ugly doll collection.  It has become a go to gift for my hubby and I love that he goes into a toy store and brings home one of these fine fellas for a holiday.
 I love Indianapolis.  It may not be the best, biggest city but, it's where I live.  There have been times in my life that I have been involved and active going to events and openings.  Right now I'm not doing that but, when the time comes it will be here for me. 
I had a friend buy a deer head for me years and years ago at an auction.  When I was dating Ed his brother in law was at my house and he asked me "Jenny, did you kill it?"  Makes me laugh.  They live out in the country and I guess it could be possible that I would sit in a tree and hunt.  But, this gal doesn't hunt.  I got it so I could decorate it.  This guy is going to get in the Christmas spirit real soon.  

Friday, November 15, 2013

3 things about me

On facebook right now everyone is asking each other to tell things about themselves so I thought I would share here...
 I love, love, love black and white.  Of late it has become the rage and I have to say it has made me very happy.  I bought these bowls (3 of them) years ago and them. 
 This is my front door.  I only feel truly at home living in an old house....I also, have a thing about safety and I check and double check my locks and leave my lights on outside etc.  When you live in an urban setting for 20 plus years you my hood!
I made this doll some time ago.  Actually I made 3 (sold 2) and I kept her.  They were to represent my great-great aunts who all wore pearls and had snow white hair.  Great little snippets of childhood memories.    She has feather wings and twig legs that go into the ground to represent my roots. (Deep) One of my favorite creations.
to be continued....

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


This GAL is still up for grabs!  The opportunity to win her continues....rules are changing go to my Jenny Elkins Studio facebook page and like it and write on the page that you want to WIN her.  Thanks!!! xo 
 Okay, I made this little blue haired POLKA dotted GAL this summer to enter in the Indiana State Fair Open Class Division.  I did get a ribbon I think it was 3rd place.  So, now I am ready to let her go live with someone else.  But, I need you to do a couple of things for me before I will choose who she gets to live with.  Folks let's be frank....I need more followers.  I make and sell my work and vintage goodies for a living and I need more fans to find me online so I can keep making and selling things.  It is my life!!!  Honestly, Im the happiest when I am busy doing what I love.      
So, in order to qualify to win her please follow me here on my blog and LIKE my vintage etsy shop at or my handmade shop at you can also follow me on facebook at Jenny Elkins Studio or Instagram or Pinterest at Jenny Elkins.  Then come back here and (comment) tell me what you are following or have liked. (you don't have to like everything) When I get a said number of followers I will announce the winner of the blue haired doll and I will whisk her off in a box and let the mailman deliver it to your door.    
Thanks so much for your following, liking and hearting me.   Yours, jenny 

just posted!

 newly listed! 
I love this little couple.
  They are hand painted ceramic liquor bottles made in Holland. 
 they just don't make stuff like this anymore.
 I think he is dreamy!!! (wink, wink)
 even though his head comes off!
in my etsy shop....