Saturday, May 29, 2010

May 29th, 2010 my love post

Yes, this is me. I turn 46 on Tuesday. I decided to have my side of the family over for a pre-birthday celebration last night. Ed, my husband makes the best BBQ sauce I have ever had EVER. If you are lucky you have had it. Turning 46 is an odd birthdate for me. My dad died when he was 45 and 46 kind of seems like a sit up and listen year for me. Pay attention. So I am. I am settling in what I am hoping is our house for a long time. I am growing my gray wavy unruly hair out. (you should see the back, curly!) I can feel the need to make changes. I want different, better, more meaningful. I haven't created since I got my show ready for the AV Gallery which was at the first of this year. My studio is almost completely organized and ready for me. It will come. It has to be right. I have been creating a home for Ed and Lucy and I which I hate to say but after nearly 7 years of Ed and I being together, this is the first time I feel like this is OUR home. The right place. I love spending time with my nephew and niece. They are all grown up and after being away with the Marines for Mark and college for Katie they are going to be closer and hopefully will have more time to "play" with us again. My brother Roger and my always sister in law Cindy are so lucky to have these great kids. I am blessed. My Mom is my rock! With every turn I make, every crazy idea I have she is there alongside of me. I am blessed. My guy Eddie Lee well he is my love and my soft place. I am blessed. Jim my step dad is always willing to help me. Even before the gathering he fixed a lock, hung a mirror and installed a hose winder....a beautiful hose winder I might add. I am blessed.


Eddie Lee.



Sweet Sue and Katie.

Mark and his lovely Ashley.

Roger and Sweet Sue.


Big beauitful Red Leather Backpack.

Key holder from Katie and Robbie. Great eye girl!

Craft, create and conserve. thanks KT.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Sherman Brothers

Yesterday, I watched a documovie about these brothers who had an amazing career as songwriters for Disney. The twist is they did not get along and were quite different from one another (go figure, who isnt different from a sibling) was really good. If you get a chance to see it you should. Made me cry.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

More about Yesterday

My tattoo today. I still love it. I hope it stays for awhile.


Shaun's backyard is like a state park. I told her if I had seen the house I would of bought it based on the shelter house alone. That is her Dad he came from Minnesota for the party.

Dave with Shaun's little puppy.

Henna Tattoo's

Our friend Shaun had a cookout yesterday at her place. We met through an Altered Art meet up group. She invited a Henna artist to come and we all took advantage of her talents. Mine is the peacock. I love it! The food and the company were delicious!!!!
Elisabeth's hand.

Almost finished. Mine!

My 69 year old Mother's leg don't they look great!

The artist.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How to : Make a simple wrap, cardigan

My friend Shaun and I talk about making simple clothes to cover our problem areas. I thought this was really cool and want to try ot out soon. Tell me what you think and if you have any ideas. Thanks!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Two in one day...Big Hat Books

This is Heather and me at our opening last night at Big Hat Books in Broadripple. Heather's work is below. She was so nice to think of me to share this space with her. Disclosure- I have decided this will be my before picture and I will be dying my hair real soon.
This building is so cool. I just love it. Big Hat Books is to the left up the stairs and to the right is a wonderful clothing store called Marigolds. They actually have some vintage Jenny Elkins in the clothing store as props. Too funny to see them again.

This is a little piece of Heathers work she is a photographer and then she adds other images to her work. Very well done and they have a real good feel to them. NICE. We both sold work last night and Heather had a bog crowd. Me, well a few folks stopped in and I appreciate it very much. I feel like I am always inviting people to something all the time....anyway it was a lovely night and the owner and the staff are delightful. I love small businesses.

If you are walking down the Monon Trail this is a big limestone sculpture that happens to be in front of Big Hat. Show hangs through June 11th...Broadripple Gallery Tour is tomorrow from 5 to 9 pm.

Robbie Moriarty

I met Robbie over 10 years ago at my very first Art Fair in Louisville. Neither of us do that show anymore but, we have forged a great friendship. She generously asked me to come to her shop and do a trunk show so I packed up the SUV and went to KY. I wasn't my personal best as I had been sick with a yucky flu bug but I went anyway. Her shop is so cute and is filled to the brim with so many wonderful things if you are ever in the area please stop and shop. She makes a line of whimsical art jewelry check out her blog and follow her link to see her creations. Since this time of the year is Derby time....Robbie had some great vintage hats for sale....I just loved this PINK roses one.

Robbie carrys a lot of other artists work...I love these little recycled object birds.

My temporary show.

Robbie and the back of her shop. Thanks for hosting me! Oh and she makes a world famous wine spritzer! Love ya Robbie.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Come see me at BIG HAT BOOKS tonight!

See the post below for more info about the opening. Please stop by if you can. The show will hang through June 11th. Heather has great work. She does photography and then imposes other images into it. Really looks great with what I do. My guy is down again and in the hospital for a couple more days. So keep him in your thoughts and prayers. But, like my grandma said years ago try to keep things normal which is good advice and I try to do this. Unfortunately, this seems like our normal. Because of Ed's repeated problems I made the decision yesterday to not travel to KY to do the shows this summer and fall. In the long run it just isn't worth being away. I will continue to have my little "junk" booths at Exit 76 and be involved here in Indy when an opportunity comes around. It is weird last year when we moved I set up my studio first it was the only room in the house that functioned at first and now since moving in Feb. my studio is a wreck I can barely walk through it. I think I needed a break and knew it. Anyway....good day.