Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I need to BLOG!

I voted. Here are my thoughts about yesterday. I wish more people would educate themselves before they go to the polls. That the office of President is very important what I am blogging about has nothing to do with Obama. But, local government is just as important. It effects what happens at home. We still have a Congressman riding the coatails of a dead grandmother. Our citizens voted for a referandum to spend .25 billion for our horrible inner-city school system. It will increase our already high property taxes and not be subject to property tax caps. I know students that attend these schools they WILL graduate, they have good parents. The truth is these students can be in a brand new school, it is the families that need improvements. I think my sadness is that I live in a area with more uneducated voters than educated. Now remember I am a registered Democrat (for now). But, I felt bullied by the democrats this election. Telling people to vote a straight ticket doesn't make for a diverse government. When I go to sleep at night I want my to know the best and brightest are in charge of my country, state and city.......

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