Thursday, December 4, 2008

OPEN house and SALE starts tomorrow

Grace Hickabottom, Grace Butts and Grace HiKnee aka "The Three Graces ".
starts tomorrow at 5pm til 9 pm & Saturday noon to 4pm
at my house.
more info please respond to this post.

This is now what our dining nook looks like. Just waiting for the Open House to begin.

The cutest little wooden snowmen EVER!

These have replaced my Black and White original PRINTS.

I really am happy with these 2 pieces. Dori is my favorite image to work with. So as you can tell I have put all my work that is for SALE all over my HOUSE. What I have realized is that I have so much stuff. Which makes me ask these questions:
1. Do I make too much?
2. Have I just not been in the right venue to sell this work?
3. Do I work too much? Maybe?
4. Am I making what people want to buy?
5. Can artist survive in this economy and if yes (which I hope that is the answer) then what do we need to do to maintain this?
disclaimer: I think everyone who ever makes anything to re-sell comes across these questions from time to time.

What is the worst is that I am thinking this the eve before my last hooray of 2008.
SNAP OUT OF IT! (my own advice :)

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Samantha said...

Your work is amazing, I can't wait to see all of it on Saturday! I hope it's not all gone. I'm talking it up to everyone who loves art as we do:)