Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rock on!

One of my very favorite persons, Kristina Estell has just opened a new etsy shop. . If you have been to my house you may have seen this great little stack of felted rocks she made for me last Christmas. They ROCK! Kristina is a fine artist and has a enormous amount of talent. Check out her other works at . She and her husband David Bowen live in Duluth, MN. Wish she was here!


Carolyn said...

Jenny Elkins, I'm soo glad to have stumbles upon your blog and your etsy site! I have missed you greatly! I LOVED LOVED LOVED both your shops you had on Mass Ave and I really miss your booth at Midland. Reading thru some of your posts I see that you are creating very cool things and are back at Midland!!!! Is this true? My friend Julie also loves your stuff and sent me a link for 1st fridays in Dec. And reading your posts, I totally agree with your political post. Politics is local. You are the first person I've heard say that we have a congressman running on his grandmother's coat tails.....I don't vote straight ticket democrat cause I can't vote for him (and some judges). I have several things that you created and have always loved your style, glad to see you are back!!!

jenny said...

I am so glad you found me I hope that you will come by in December. Bring your friends!