Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It is OVER....he (we) lost...but, he ran a good campaign!

Ed before the election party. He screwed up his leg the night before and was in a huge amount of pain. I ran him to the doctors during the day in between everything else and he got some meds. then ended up with HIVES. His normal LUCK! But with ice and some pain killer he is on the mend. My diagnosis too much campaigning the days before the election. Suzanne, our good Libertarian friend, came over and made sandwhiches for all the poll workers and she willingly decorated the house for the little gathering afterwords. It felt like campaign headquarters. You are the best SUZANNE!
On our little street we had a good showing of support. There were 7 signs on a 1/2 of block. Not bad. He did really well for someone who just got involved in politics a year ago. I am really proud of him.

The front of our house with a sign for the after party.

Lucy showing support for her DAD!

This is where it all began. July 2007 Black Sunday after Indianapolis residents recieved their property tax bills they went to Monument Circle to protest. (It seems like years ago). Ed is holding a sign that reads " No ones life, liberty or property is safe when the Legislature is in session." Mark Twain. Of course he is holding a microphone. I am realistic that it would be hard to vote in a Libertarian State Representative but, I am disappointed too.
Unfortunatley, the Presidental race hurt Ed's race....later post.

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Lori McDonough said...

Awww, shoot, Jenny! There's just too many people who don't know how to have an opinion of their own...they just follow the crowd. Lucy and your house looked awesome! Congrats on a good race! Let's get together SOON!