Thursday, December 18, 2008

Is this as GOOD as it gets? Maybe.

Well the lights are on. This may be all that happens this year. I have a house full of artwork and a very small booth at Midland so today I will try to stuff it all in there. I hate that I have been feeling so lousy for the past 4 days. Not getting anywhere fast. Crazy busy weekend coming up. Friends here Friday night, Party Saturday then we rush off to see the Leisure Kings with Nick and Barb at the Jazz Kitchen. Sunday gathering of Ed's old friends from Lilly. I hope everyone will be fine with a minimally decorated house! They have too!

My friend Patsy knows about my button addiction and surprised me the other day. I came home and found a bag with these big wooden buttons in them and a message on my machine. Such a sweet surprise. They hang on the wall and are HUGE! Thanks Patsy!

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Samantha said...

I love your tree super, super cute. Feel better Jenny:)