Saturday, December 20, 2008


No this isn't the HGTV blog! I always thought to myself I am not going to post food pictures on my blog because it is like an alcoholic taking pictures of beer. But, we had a gathering here at the house last night for some FRIENDS and they all pitched in. I only took photos of food no people :) I am sure they thought it was qwirky! Mary makes the best Mac and Cheese....well frankly I have enjoyed everything she has ever made. She is a great cook, neighbor and friend. I even had some Mac and Cheese for breakfast this morning. I think I may of even dreamt about it in my sleep.
Michelle....what can I say. Last year she brought a beautiful display of cookies and I thought to myself I have never been in the presence of such a wonderful handmade treat in my life. My mom and I have always baked and made special family recipe's but nothing like what Michelle does. It is amazing. Everything....yes everything on this plate was EXCELLENT! After I had some Mac and Cheese I had a sled and some white bark with red hots in them for my breakfast dessert. Not a typical beginning of my day but hey I am HAPPY! Michelle is an amazing artist, quilter, knitter, MOM....she needs a blog!

Would you believe another party TONIGHT and TOMORROW as well. Tonight after the party for the Libertarian's we are meeting our Friends Barb and Nick to see the Leisure Kings. I will post tomorrow!

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Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

oh man, that mac and cheese looks delish! makes me want to make some of my own ... and not the kraft kind :)