Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A little SHOW hanging on 10th Street

Another opportunity to show my work! JS Reutz Cafe is located in the Boner Center at 2236 E. 10th Street (Eastside of Indianapolis). Many of you may remember Jeff from the Cafe he was once was associated with in Fountain Square. Well he is still making killer MEATLOAF and has $5 to $8 lunch specials, sandwhiches etc. I had a ham, mac and cheese bake one day that was so good.... they even use a ham loaf in it. It was good!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are the hours of operation. Now you have to stop in. My work will be hanging for awhile so look for it to rotate in and out. Special opening First FRIDAY in February. I am hanging more on Monday after my OPEN HOUSE is over. As always I am grateful for the opportunity.

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