Monday, December 8, 2008

The OPEN HOUSE is behind me and now I am listing and moving my merch., meeting new friends and getting ready for the HOLIDAYS!

I enjoyed meeting the folks who dropped in to the open house. Some old friends and some new (SAM & Chris!) and even a lovely couple who have been buying from me on my etsy site. It is paying off! Although the open house was successful I still have a lot of work available for SALE so today I will start listing items on my etsy site and taking loads over to Midland Arts & Antiques. I have already taken all my handmade bracelets to my case at Midland. Today I am adding more work at JS Reutz Cafe on 10th Street and taking some bigger framed pieces to my Midland booth (see my next future listing).
I attended a great meeting last night. There are 4 women who are starting the Indianapolis branch of Craft Mafia. I am excited to be a part of this group. Even though I have been doing this a long time....I still need to be inspired and love to bounce ideas off of like thinking people. I feel like this is going to be a real success. I will post more about his in the future.
If you haven't recieved your lightwsitch plate yet I will be sending them out today/tomorrow. :)

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Samantha said...

Thank you so much for having the Open House. It was great chatting with Ed and you. You wouldn't believe Jenny that I have spoke to Chris awhile back about seeing your work. It started out buying as some Christmas presents, but now I may not be able to part with them, lol. Gives me time to decorate and clean my place up to have some amazing art around.