Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rain Rain Go AWAY!

I know that rain is going to happen and it is necessary. After a Spring rain you notice how green everything is, how a flower grows 2 inches. But....I am not sure a rainy day does much for me personally. I am sleepy and even sad.
I thought I would catch up on reading some blogs and then I read a depressing one about people knocking off this artists work and how it is causing her to change her style. And...I think we all have felt that from time to time. She has a good following. I wonder maybe her sales are affected by being knocked off. Maybe that is the issue. But just the current climate. I know I am not buying anything right now just trying to catch up. Tired of being so bogged down.
I hung out with my friend Beth yesterday and she showed me how to do SOLDER jewelry. Not too bad the hardest part is trying to get the ring onto the top. You need to have about 5 hands and 3 of them should have grip but no feeling since the glass gets hot and I had to touch it not once but twice. I am a slow learner. It is definately something that practice makes perfect. Enjoyed it though.
Well.....until next time.


Hens Teeth said...

Hi Jenny
Mmm it's a depressing subject...copying!
As for soldering, I purchased all the kit, drove my husband mad to get everything, to find out I am absolutely useless at it!
Good luck, I can see your work in soldered pendants...lovely.

Heather said...

I know just who you're talking about. And I've been appauled at how many people copy her artwork out-right and then claim its some devinely inspired creation. Very disturbing. But there are several artists dealing with this at the moment...I've even had people tell me they've seen knock-offs of ME. (weird!)
However...March was just a crappy month. I did best with private commissions, online sales have been terrible. I hope spring brings hope and possibility soon. It seems like people are frozen in fear. That's not the best art buying climate ;)

PS: soldering is SO hard! Mine always looked like lumpy cake icing...I dont know what the secret is...and I was a little afraid of all the 'this will give you cancer' warnings on all the supplies needed, lol...