Monday, April 6, 2009

Shoes YES I am blogging about SHOES!

I love KEEN shoes. All winter I wore these crazy black KEEN boots that lace up the front and have a dangle tie of sorts. I have gone through many pair that either didn't make it through the puppy stage or I just wore them to the bone and had no choice but to pitch them. These are great. Comfy and they even some cute shoe tattoo's on the front. Stylin'.
The best part is that I buy all my shoes at Stout Shoes the oldest Shoe Store in Indianapolis. They have a live talking parrot in the downtown location. I know the shoes they sell are pricey and in this economy we are trying to cut costs but I always buy good shoes. With my size 11's and pancake flat feet I have no choice. So this is something that is even crazier they still have LAYAWAY! So go downtown to Mass Ave and put some good shoes in layaway. Your soles will love you!!!