Thursday, April 16, 2009

lightbulb moment!!!!!

My friend Beth and I have started walking (it is new, I pray it continues, I hate exercising, would rather create or cook something delicious :)and we were talking about my last post. Beth said it reminds me of when you are in HIGH SCHOOL and one girl wears something trendy or "new" and that is how it ALL starts. I think that is really want is happening with the latest mixed media/altered art/green movement. It was like I almost, not quite, got hit upside the head. So simple so true. I am not upset over the fact that I was copied or gave someone inspiration. It has happened before and it will continue to happen as long as I am making and selling my work. I just really wanted to see and hear what other people thought about it all and if anyone had a good solution. The majority felt like it was copied. I have to agree. I guess I could confront them but I am not sure I have that kind of energy. I do know that I will continue to make art in my own way......thanks for your comments....jenny


Hens Teeth said...

As you quite rightly say, at the end of the day there is not alot that can be done about it other than directly accuse.
Hey, life's too short.
I hope you feel a little more comforted though. x
Laura Walker on Flickr has opened a group ... anti copying black list...but the link is broken. Maybe Flickr have removed it.
She had actually named a copier of her work!

Heather said...

well, atleast you're the cool girl, right??? ;)
I went on a similar rant on my blog today........