Friday, April 24, 2009

Been making some dolls....

For the last year or so my thing is use what I have in my studio. So that is exactly what I have been doing. I have bought a lot of little fabric remnants and have a small hoard of fabrics. So I have been making some dolls. All my own patterns are done organically basically I made my own patterns. None of them are complete but they will be shortly. The will debut at some shows in coming up in June. I think she needs some ribbons in her hair and a necklace. She is just a bust pillow. Should I name her?
This girl has a blue streak in her hair. My buddy Robbie has some friends that want her to do a blue streak in her hair and she is not going there. So I was inspired!!!! She needs a necklace. I am going to make some soldered ones for the girls. Hand painted body with some vintage fabric my friend Kristina brought back from Norway for me.

"Paper Roses" I may have to call her Marie. Since Donny and Marie sang "Paper Roses" during my youth. Painted body. Her skirt is made from a vintage skirt I picked up somewhere. Kristina also gave me the old flour sack cotton that I used on her legs. They are pretty big. I tried so hard to work small and I think my hands are too big and too sore. Just couldn't do it. I have 11 more busts to finish and I just completed another full doll today. She isn't finished either but will be.

I grew up with Holly Hobbie and Raggedy Ann and I think that is why I love rag dolls.


Hens Teeth said...

Hey ~ you've been busy. Altered work and dolls, what can I say, absolutely wonderful. I do admire what you do!

Heather said...

these girls are adorable! Love them :)