Monday, March 2, 2009

March, Smarch!

These are the new prints I will selling at Martha Nahrwold's Studio this FRIDAY March 6th at 1125 Brookside Avenue. Just off of 10th street east of Dorman Street. Starts at 6pm. Ends 9pm. Let me know if you have any questions. One night only! My mom aka SWEET SUE made this in my studio using old greeting cards. Her church has a Art Gallery and they are asking whomever to decorate crosses for the Easter Season. I will make one too but think it will be more Shrine like. She did a great job. (front)


My last issue of Country Home. After my last post going on and on about the magazines ending I fgured out something else about me. These are my muse. I no longer have free money to blow to be inspired. I use to go shopping to Antique Shops, thrift stores, big box craft stores etc. if I would hit a wall. Then I thought this is nuts I need nothing else so the Mags became my inspiration. The colors, reading about artists, looking up things online etc. I have a ton of supplies and could exist for quite a while with only buying double stick tape and ink cartridges. I know I seem a little crazed about it but I feel really bad about this.

I tried to work in my "new" studio today not the most productive. I have high hopes for tomorrow!


Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

i have high hopes for tomorrow, too. tonight was a dud. but at least i got icecream for dessert!!

Hens Teeth said...

Hey ~ I'm so sorry you have lost your mag, it's a real bummer and very annoying.

Heather said...

I know how you feel!!! I loved these mags because they showed real creative people making beautiful homes. Not rich snots with their "I go to france many times a year and buy my antiques" people. I got so much inspiration out of these publications. I am astonished actually that 3 of my most favorite magazines have tanked. Oh, I hope they do come back....I find myself standing glazed over in the magazine section, nothing looks appealing.
Haha, a couple of weeks ago i was at an antique mall and found a bunch of old Home COmpanions. I grabbed them up like they were crack and I was some crazed addict ;)
I feel like these magazines were an escape into a beautiful world and showed us the possibility to make our own beautiful worlds. Now all i see are "ways to clip coupon" magazines and frankly...that aint what I want. when will this be over???
BTW that log house in Country Home?? That's my dream home! Now, if only this pesky recession would be over and I could go build one ;)