Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's March 11th!

Our "Bad" little Lucy on the Blog again. So since we have moved to our new place Lucy has been sitting on top of our Sofa like a "kitty". She sleeps there and doesn't miss a thing that is going on outside. Our other place didn't have windows that she could really see out of and the view was not very good, an alley. So she is pretty darn happy. The sofa on the other hand...not so. But, she is so cute!
I am starting to take things from Midland and list on etsy and eBay to try and generate some cash flow. I have listing a few buckles so far on etsy with a lot more to go. All VINTAGE and some are really very cool. Check it out

I have recently joined an online Yahoo Group and this month we are swapping books to decorate one page and then swap again. Mine is made using a childs board book. I love the fortune cookie message "Beginning is easy; continuing is hard." It is true with about everything.

Today is my sweet little Katie Bug's birthday! Happy Birthday! She is 21. Her very cute boyfriend Robbie turns 21 in 2 weeks. Aren't they cute together. Just love them so MUCH! xoxoxoxo

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