Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Doing Good!

I have been having a hard time working on my art so I am going to share what else has been going on.
As I was waiting for my Mom and Jim to arrive I saw this great nest in the tree next to my tree. I love the blue plastic hanging it proves the critters are the "real" recyclers.
The Backside of Fletcher Place.

Groceries from St. Lukes United Methodist congregation.
My Mom and Jim with their first load. They are the best retiree's. Always busy doing for others. They loaded down their truck with as many groceries from the good folks at St. Lukes Church as they could. I met them at the center, we delivered 6 packed grocery carts. Fletcher Place is such a great place. They have a clothing store for those in need (vouchers), preschool, food pantry, meals and more. The churches are what keeps it going. When we arrived we were met by an employee saying that they were running low the day before.

Even though it looks full. It goes fast.

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Heather said...

that birds nest looks so festive! And that's so great that they had so much food to give! Its really needed during these times.