Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Home #5 - The Hallway

Thanks for following along on the tour.  Today I am showing you my hallway.  Without the lights on even during the day you feel like you are in a cave.  The way the condo is designed there is a window in most rooms but, the bathrooms and hallway are interior without windows.  Which works but, without the lights on in the hall it is super dark even on the sunniest day. 
When we moved in there was white carpet down this hallway.  The previous owners used a walker with wheels and it had black ruts in the carpet.  It had to go.  Since our dining room, living room and entry flows into this hall and they all had parquet wood I had to put the parquet back.  It is very 1970's New York Apartment but, I love it. Not the easiest thing to find either.  None of the Big Box Hardware stores carry it anymore nor do they install it (at least here in the Heartland).  This was the most expensive thing we did in our making the condo OURS.  But, I am sooooo happy that I did.  It sparkles!!!!  There are 9 doors or doorways in the hall.  So the flooring guy had his job cut out for him.  Other than the flooring the only thing left was paint.  
Halfway down the hall and across from the kitchen doorway is a collage (mostly) of original black and white prints.  I was very fortunate that some 12 plus years ago my friend opened a frame shop for a short time and whenever she ran into a good price for frame molding she would frame stuff for me at a bargain basement price.  Having a nice frame on original work makes all the difference.
I couldn't get a good picture due to the lighting etc.  The little woodcut on the right above the cat is a woodcut I did of my dad.  Under it is a woodcut of a cat I made when I was at Herron School of Art.  Under the A is a Kyle Ragsdale etching (a friend and well known artist here in Indy).  Under that is a very detailed woodcut from a fellow classmate.  The others not shown in this picture were trades when I was in the IN Print group. 
The next thing down the hall is this doll that I made for a gallery show I had at the Harrison Center many years ago.  I did a show based on the women in my life.  I made 3 of these (others sold) and they were based on my Great-Great Aunts.  There are long twigs that go all the way to the ground (my roots).  I hand sewed the dresses and the face is made from paper clay.
 This dresser is another piece from my Great-grandmother Fuller.  My brother used this dresser the whole time we were growing up.  When he left he didn't take it so I ended up with it.  After I painted it he said "you painted my dresser!"  The colors look harsh in these pictures but, in real life they are not.  Darn camera, LIGHTING!!!!
I bought the 0 at the Springfield Extravaganza Flea Market in Springfield, Ohio.  If you flip it over there is a 2 on the other side.  In our last house I hung it over my "john" in our upstairs bathroom.  I bought the DOG outsider art piece at the House of Blues in Chicago when I use to do wholesale shows at the Merchandise Mart.  (I loved that time of my life) It glows in the DARK.  Above that is a computer generated collage by a local artist.  My friend Debbie gave me the little vintage pin cushion guy for my 50th birthday in June. 
 When you turn the corner I have my Pottery Barn cubby hung with lots of little treasures inside. Again, not the best picture.  RATS!

 Little treasures I have accumulated over the years,  Monkey hear, see, speak no evil brought back for me from Greece when my Mom went on a trip.  A handmade jointed bear bought during a successful art fair I was in.  Little handmade heads by various artists, a Jude O'Dell ceramic plaque,  Little special gifts and tiny brick salesman samples from Ed's family.  Ed's grandfather worked at a brick factory in Brazil, Indiana.  Have you ever been to Brown County in Indiana?  I love that beautiful place.
That's all for now.  I hope you enjoyed the hallway.  xo


crowgryl said...

Just wonderful, the whole thing!

Katie said...

Beautiful! Very inspiring.