Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My Home #4 - The Entry

This is the 4th installment of my Home Tour....Today I am featuring the entry.  We live in a 4 quad.  I attended Herron School of Art (college) when I was 30 and was well established in a double (home) and there was never a time I lived in a dorm.  So when we first moved in that is what always crossed my mind when I came home to our condo.  It is funny there are 3 other people, soon to be 5 that live in this building.  I didn't see the man across the hall for over 2 months after I moved in.  Days go by without interacting with my interior neighbors.  Much more private than first thought.  Once you are in the building this is my home.....
Parquet wood floors.  Big solid wood door.  My husband's last name starts with an "A" so I thought it was fitting we are A.  Come on in..... 
My dear friend Robbie came from Louisville right after I moved to help me get settled.  She also gave me this tobacco stake star a couple of years ago.  It hung on our garage at our other home.  So now without a garage...where to put it.  Two heads equals great ideas.  I love saying to her okay lets put it on the ceiling and she is on a ladder seconds later and it is done.  I wasn't real happy with the light but, I can live with it now. 
The bench is a wonderful hand me down from a great grandmother.  The pillows are made from tapestries(by me) that usually feature deer or Elvis.  The one with the sheep was huge, I made another pillow featuring Jesus with the other part of the cloth.  My Mom found the little Basset Hound puppies at a thrift for $8- she couldn't leave them there.  I love them.  Years ago my friend Christopher was actively going to auctions and I said if you see a deer head I want one.  Christopher never disappoints.  Next auction, a deer head.  I have dressed this guy up many times.  Boa's, Christmas wreaths, lights, necklaces, a pez, hats, you name it. The large Woodcut was a gift from Kristina another classmate of hers did this work while in grad school.  The long ruler is a surveyor stick (old) and then to the side is a piece I did from art school (more to follow).
Here is a detail of the wood piece I made.
It's been 20 years since I went to school but, I have held onto a few key pieces.  Sold some and just had to let go of others.  I took a bunch of woodcut printmaking classes while in school and  I used the printing block for a cabinet door.  I made the wood box as well.  (I wouldn't even attempt that now).  The leaves were whittled by me using soft basswood.  Inside I copied the definition of nest from the dictionary on tan paper and collaged it inside.  I guess I have been doing collage much longer than I thought. 
Behind the door is a very old school chalkboard I can't even remember where I got that I have had it so.  A Catherine Thursby BIRD painting original hangs above it.  I love this piece.  I love everything that Catherine does.  Check out her Red Shoes Home Goods website.   The little table was my Mom's when she was a little girl and my dad bought that little chair second hand when my brother and I were little.  (I guess I got the repurposing-thrifting thing honestly) 
Catherine Thursby original. 
The door just seemed so big and blue so I threw a frame around the peep hole.  When my dear friend Lori came over she said "It's like Friends!". hehehe  The blue doesn't show very well in this picture.  When I first got married Ed was all about blue.  I wasn't feeling it but, now 11 years later I love turquoise and this color.  Just not a navy girl....but, it is growing on me.
I picked up this very old box of chalk at an antique mall a couple of years ago.  I love how someone scribbled white on the front the old box is even dovetailed.  The little block is my girl Dori and you flip her around for the holidays....she is waiting for Halloween.  I think the bowl is a Melissa Parrot piece.  Local artist here in Indy.
This is my heirloom china cabinet from my Great Grandmother Fuller on my Dad's side.  Story is my she was not healthy and they had to put her in a nursing home and she loved my Dad.  He ran errands for her and spent a lot of time with her.  When she went into the home my newly married parents rented her home and lived there for 2 1/2 years and when they moved they were told they could take what furniture they needed.  We lived with this furniture the whole time we were growing up. When my Mom moved at some point she asked me if I wanted it and I said of course.  Not too long ago my nephew said I'd like to buy that from you and I said Mark it is yours tell me when you want it.  I have a bunch of white pottery inside I have been collecting since I was 17.  I haven't bought much lately.  I was going under the I can only buy it if it is less than $2-.  I am winding down my love for it and I am sure it will be gone when the china cabinet is.  Lightening the LOAD friends, lightening the load.
Did you notice the beautiful gold leafed thistle above the cabinet?  My amazingly talented friend Kristina brought that from Minnesota on an airplane for me as a gift for my 50th birthday this June.  LOVE!!!! We met at Art school 20 years ago.  I love having it in my home.  I think she said she carried it home from another state before she gold leafed it.  I will share about her in the future here on my blog.  
Well friends, this is the tour of my entry.  You wouldn't think a entry would require so much wordage and pictures but, it did.  The Hallway is up next! 
Thanks for going on the tour! xo 
I forgot the before pictures!!!!!

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