Friday, July 18, 2014

It's a GOD thing.....

I don't remember not knowing her.  She is my friend Yvonne.  Friend seems too casual for her.  She was Family to me, to my Mom even to my brother.  She was always at our little "country" church with her two girls Leslie and Denise.  Partially because she lived right across the street but, I think she would of been there anyway.  Now looking back to when I was growing up, the church because of the people that were there at that time gave it almost a magical quality.  I didn't know it at the time but, I have never had those kinds of friendships since. 
There is so much to say about all the fun times we shared.  Birthdays, Holidays, Lake House, Nightcrawler Trips, Youth Fellowship Meeings, Fundraisiers, Corn Roasts, Games, Trips, Showers, Weddings, Dinners, Lunches and so much more.  We were Family.
At the end of May this year Yvonne, had a routine surgery that most women have.  Within a few days it was evident that this wasn't routine for her.  She had many complications.  Spent many days in the Intensive Care Unit and on June 20th calls were made and all were told that today would be the last day.....I had just arrived before the girls were to talk to her about stopping meds and taking her off the ventilator.  I asked her minister to walk down with me to tell her Hello! before I tell her goodbye.  As I was walking out of her room and down the ICU hallway back to the waiting area I see someone from way back in my past.
An old classmate from Center Grove whom I haven't seen since 1982. (I have moved from the area and never been to a reunion, my bad)  We hugged, we cried. She was with her husband who had been fighting a long illness.  I felt moved to contact her when I got home.  Another reason Facebook is wonderful.
 I know a GOD thing when I see it.  I felt like he had a hand in all of this.  Yvonne was such a dear friend and it has been a big loss and there has been much sadness that she is no longer here.  She was always so pleasant and friendly and I truly feel she in on   this reunion with this old friend.  :)
Today I attended the Memorial service of my old classmate's husband.  The services couldn't of been more different but, they, both Yvonne and Chris were generous, loving and funny people.  So many stories that made everyone laugh in both services.  No doubt these 2 people who are not here on earth loved so willingly and deeply. 
I want nothing more to grow my friendship with my classmate and to keep in touch with Yvonne's girls.  In these days of doing too much and feeling stressed to keep up.  I hope we all make time for each other.  Hug your people tightly.  Do things that make you happy and love deeply.  xo 

From the service today.  (49 years old) smiles!

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