Sunday, July 13, 2014

our little guy turns 2

 My little great nephew turned 2 yesterday.  He's such a sweet baby (yes he is our baby).  Such a happy guy, who has so many people who love him.  My niece Katie has been planning his little party for awhile now pinning things to her boards and looking for cookie cutters and decorations.  I didn't take photos of everything but, of many things.  To the left is the party hats with construction paper ears attached.

Of course we had HOT DOGS!!!!  My Mom, his "GIGI" watches him twice a week and they usually sing along with Mickey.
  These cookies were so good and HUGE!  Sugar cookies with Red sprinkles.  Katie did a great job. At 25 she is never overwhelmed that 40 people are coming to her house for lunch.  I don't think people entertain much anymore and I am glad that she is willing to do it. 

 My nephew Mark, step dad Jim, Mom "Gigi" and my brother, Roger his Grandpa.  All came ready to party with little LUCAS in their Mickey Mouse t-shirts.
 Great balloon!!!! 

 Little chocolate cupcakes with white icing and mini oreos to go along with the Mickey theme and they were YUMMY!!!
So I made this Mickey Mouse photo op canvas and decided to write Happy Birthday Lucas on it to double as my birthday card. :)  Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo with him in it.   I had this canvas on hand  24" x 48" canvas painted with acrylic paints.  Then I just cut out the hole.  You could do it for any theme party. 


It was all too much for him.  So many presents, so much l o v e.  Happy Birthday little Lucas. xo

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