Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Home #3- The Half Bath

Here is the 3rd installment of the home tour.  The half bath.  This guy is pretty big for a half bath.  I have had many a full bath with less square footage than this big boy.  Yes, there is a handrail in this room.  This community we live in has been know for housing the older folks.  Part of the "charm", part of the "charm".  I'm posting the after first this time.  I guess people thought that the before was the after on my #2 post. 

This is the after.  Here's what I did:  peel and stick tile, painted vanity, painted the towel rings (oil rubbed bronze), had a cheap $35- faucet installed, and touched up the walls.  I was fortunate that the previous owners left the lid of this color and so I took it to Sherwin Williams and got some more.  When you use a roller with touch up paint it looks like the whole room has been painted.  It is a real time and energy saver.  Notice the vintage Lion's Head pull knobs.  Those were here.  The community we live in is called Lions Head.  Perfect touch!!!

 The before.  The original tile was original to 1973 and there were a bunch of cracked tile.  Flooring is so expensive but, the peel and stick is very affordable.  I spent under $40-.  So if at some point I want to change it to something else in a few years it wasn't a big investment.  The folks we bought it from were older and didn't do much to the place so it was a blank slate for that I am thankful.
 Hanging on the outside of the bathroom door.  There are 8 doors in this hallway.  I didn't want anyone to have to guess.  I found this little brass sign on Dot & Bo.  A great little new online home furnishing store.  It did take quite awhile to receive but, when I inquired they were super nice.
 Close up of the wooden shoes.  I have had a few pairs over the years.  Once when my Mom went to Holland, Michigan a place we love to go to.  She came home with a life size pair of shoes for me that I could wear and I wear a size 11 womens.  They are hanging on the wall.  The 3 row from the top where the mirror starts.  I had picked up a lonely green one a long time ago while thrift-ing and then I kept noticing more and more and I recd a few as gifts and before I knew it I had a collection.   
 These tiny had soaps were my first etsy purchase years ago.  This is the first time I have had them out.  But, no one dare uses them.  HA!
 I needed big piece of art in this room and I had nothing so I made this one.  It is my favorite girl that I use over and over "Dori".  She is saying "We love wooden shoes, it's true, we do!"  Goofy I know but, it is how "Dori" feels. 
 Best trash can in the house.
 One of my favorite pairs.  I love that Jane Tatman wood engraved her name on her shoes.
 This one has a matching brush.
A friend who lives in another state heard of my collection and was purging and so I got the plain pair she had gotten on a trip to a real place where they actually wear them  I also recd these Mary Janes as a gift!  Who doesn't love a good pair of wooden Mary Janes.  I have to say that the collection is closed.  Once the wall was full I have put a full ban on the wooden shoe. :)
Thanks for going on the tour! xo


Judy said...

Loved hearing more about your guest bath! You have done such an incredible job with your whole home! Thank you for sharing your shoe story!!!

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