Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Home #1 - Wooden Work Bench Entertainment Center

When we lived in an our old house in Irvington we had hung our big 52" Television on the wall above our fireplace.  When we moved to our condo this March I really didn't want it on the wall. We also wanted to be able to move the TV to see it from our desks.  I had previously been inspired by a Pinterest pin of a wooden workbench someone had made.   I knew I wouldn't be making something from scratch when you move you are doing good to unpack. But, I knew I wanted something with a primitive look and I didn't have the money for an expensive one.  But, I wanted to really like it.  So I looked and looked online at all the standard places, Pottery Barn, West Elm, Crate and Barrel...I looked at Amazon, Target and more.  Then I hit the online Hardware stores and B I N G O!!!!  I found it. 
This is my Harbor Freight find.  I paid $139- during a sidewalk sale In March (2014).  Bought the casters there, too.  Of course it comes knocked down in a flat box.  But, luckily my Step Dad is always up for a challenge and he put it together for us.  Added the casters and we were in business.  I later changed out the handles to these black ones that were bought in the hardware area at Lowes I think they are usually used outdoors. We had to drill a new hole for one side of the knob but, it hid well.  The extra hole that is.     
Here's what it looks like without a TV and casters and new knobs.
Here is another view.  Everything fits and we love it.  Especially the price!!!!

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