Friday, November 15, 2013

3 things about me

On facebook right now everyone is asking each other to tell things about themselves so I thought I would share here...
 I love, love, love black and white.  Of late it has become the rage and I have to say it has made me very happy.  I bought these bowls (3 of them) years ago and them. 
 This is my front door.  I only feel truly at home living in an old house....I also, have a thing about safety and I check and double check my locks and leave my lights on outside etc.  When you live in an urban setting for 20 plus years you my hood!
I made this doll some time ago.  Actually I made 3 (sold 2) and I kept her.  They were to represent my great-great aunts who all wore pearls and had snow white hair.  Great little snippets of childhood memories.    She has feather wings and twig legs that go into the ground to represent my roots. (Deep) One of my favorite creations.
to be continued....