Thursday, October 3, 2013

Exit 76 Arts and Antique MALL Edinburgh, Indiana

So....I have had this mall space for a few years now and from time to time it is TIME to clean out and start over.  I had a big 65% off sale in the month of September.  It may become a tradition.  The booth had become a place where everything went that came to me.  Yes, from time to time I get stuff.  Which I am eternally thankful for.  So I need to do a little switcheroo and breathe new life into it.  Now, I need to tell you that the booth is about an hour one way from my house and even though I try to get down there every 2 weeks or so it needs to be packed full so I can get the biggest bang for my buck.   I have rent to pay and they take a percentage of the sales.  In my head more is better at least here.
 Before the NEW merchandise and after the SALE.  Looking a little picked over (I think).
 After.  I warned you it is FULL!!!!  Lots of handmade from the A Fair in September SALE.
 I have a new OBSESSION with Chickens or Roosters.  Can you tell! 

 Beautiful FUR coats.  VINTAGE clothing.
 Seriously, the pictures don't do it justice.  It's a fun little booth.
 Farm signs
Lots of affordable little collections await you at Booth # B834.  If you are on your way to see the beautiful Brown County State Park and have time stop by the Mall ask to see my space.  30% off through the end of October!!!  the end.

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