Monday, December 30, 2013

Theodore was right!

I'm convinced that no one reads my blog anymore and I think it is kind of given me a sense of freedom.  So maybe I will blog more.  Who knows.  So, at this time of year I do feel a sense of starting over.  With that comes analyzing my business, my home and of course weight and finances. 
With what I have....For the past couple of years I have been saying what Mr. Roosevelt has said when it comes to my studio and business I am trying to use what I have and do the sales and shows that will work best for me. 
Do what you can...I did more shows this year and I have to say the shows have been a challenge because of my husband's health.  I will keep doing them but, I am going to try to be super organized and work way in advance. 
Where you are....Thinking of selling our 2 story house and finding something with a bedroom and bathroom on the first floor.  If you have moved lately you know what kind of work this involves.  I've been looking.  We could live anywhere in central Indiana....just not sure where we need to be right now.  

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