Sunday, March 24, 2013

Studio Kitchen - finished!

The latest project at the STUDIO is complete.  All done on a shoe string!   Heres what we did and where things came from if you are interested: The indoor/outdoor (hose them down) black and white polka dot rugs can be found online at Ballard Designs.  I got the 2 chairs as a Christmas Gift again online at Amazon.  They come in a box and you have to put them together but well worth the $65- for 2.  The table I bought for $8- at the Goodwill outlet.  I have had the red and white gingham fabric for years (made 3 curtains with it) The No Swimming sign was found at an old friends farm (ie-ditch at the back of the property-a farmers junk yard:) The red pendant lamp came from LOWES.  Everything was painted from floor to ceiling (trust me it was bad before...smoking does the worst things to your house)  The little untensil clock was a gift years ago from my Mom, (I think she bought it at the Cracker Barrel) it goes great in here.  Im really happy with how it turned out.  Again, it took a village to complete this! 


Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

it's beautiful! Can i live there?

Samantha Spangle said...

I love this! This so inspires me, if I ever have a salon I would love for it to be decorated like your studio.