Tuesday, March 12, 2013

the little bathroom....at the studio

 Today I put the finishing touch on the little tiny studio bathroom.  It has been painted, painted and painted some more.  The little old lady that lived here before must of spent many hours each day smoking on the "john".  The nicotine on the ceiling was so bad that it was sanded with an electric sander, painted with Kilz primer, painted with 2 coats of white paint and then finally we had to give in and paint it turquoise due to the nicotine still coming through.  Another reason not to smoke, it is horrible for your house.  Anyway....today I hung the print I bought from the wonderfully talented Jenny and Aaron over at www.everydayisaholiday.bigcartel.com
Her name is Penny and she fits in perfectly with the nylons hanging below and the turquoise on the ceiling.  Her frame is from Hobby Lobby (40% off coupon)I told Jenny that I will think of them when I am in this room!  HA! I think turquoise is quickly becoming my favorite color. 
 Again, so thankful fro my brother Roger.  He did everything in here including putting in this lovely affordable faucet.  Under $35- at the Home Depot.  It is possible to make things look good on a budget.   
 I picked this up at Salvage Sisters in Franklin, Indiana awhile back and knew I couldn't leave the shop without it.  Who knew the focus of Speedway Indiana was once Beauty Culture.  :)  I'm going to have to look into this.
 Old fixture, painted ceiling.
 I have had this wire head since I had my store so about 14 years or more ago.  It has hung everywhere in my homes or shop through the years.  I have tried to get rid of it a few times but, it keeps finding a reason to stay.  I love this polka dot dress. It isn't vintage but, I love it anyway. (hanging over the toilet)
 The Scrabble board waste basket that my Mom and I made fits in real good here.
 The fixture came out of my store.  It is really an outdoor light but, I love it here.  Tri-fold mirror is original to the house.  I bought the shower curtain at Marshalls....it is so sweet white lace over soft gray.  Perfect for this room.  Still lets some daylight through.
 Sweet Penny print by Jenny and Aaron.  Check their blog out too www.everyday-is-a-holiday.blogspot.com 
I wish the room wasn't so very small.  It's hard to photograph.  But, I am so happy to have the floor replaced, the lights up, new faucet, the door working, the drain fixed in the tub, smell removed and a new shower head.  The bathtub is full of shipping boxes right now but, I like knowing that everything is in good working order.  The place is nearly finished....more to come!

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Samantha Spangle said...

I love the bathroom, super cute!