Friday, March 8, 2013

What's OLD is NEW again!

 I am so lucky to have a very successful brother who is currently unemployed. (not so good for him and the fact is he has been interviewing like crazy and will be gainfully employed real soon)  He has been without a job since January 1st and I have been so lucky to have him available to do all the things that needs done in my house and studio.  I have crossed 26 items off a long list and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It has been so nice to have all this done. (can you tell how happy I am that this is done!!!!) So, we live in a old traditional 4 square.  Basically 4 rooms on each floor.  It was build in the early 1920's.  Even though we bought it 3 years ago from a realtor that flipped it we havent really put "my" spin on things until now.   The house painted beige throughout and there were many details that needed upgraded.  So....
 this is the bathroom on the second floor.  It is big and we would love to put in a nice tiled shower but, getting this beautiful claw foot tub out of here is not all that easy.  So on the list is replacing the faucet.  No shower here just tub.  The wall is painted cracked pepper which I love so much.  I hung 3 original prints by Indiana artists above the tub.
 The striped curtains came from the bedroom of the last house we lived in and I have had this great old wooden first aid kit for years.  We also replaced a faucet and replaced the overhead light with a school house light from Home Depot.
 This outdoor light from Lowes was painted with the new Rust-oleum Metallic Paint and Primer in one - Oil Rubbed Bronze I saw this color on PINterest.  This light replaces the most horrible of lights.  It was a white base with 4 tulip was way over due to be replaced.  I would love to put a nice wood frame over the mirror but, that is down the road.  The horrible oak cabinet from the early 1990's was also painted black.
I should buy a plant or something for the tub.  We aren't big claw foot tub folks.  They look good and have a romantic notion about them but, the truth is they aren't that wide nor that deep. You have to really step into them and when you have a shower curtain on them the curtain sticks to you.  There is a reason why people have different tubs today.  I hope you have enjoyed my bathroom tour.  There is more I will show you in the future!  

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